Advantages of Air Packaging Machine, Easy To Use

2021-09-27 08:30:33

Air Packaging Machine is a new type of packaging tool.

Air Packaging Machine may be unfamiliar with this term for many people, even in today's network-developed society. Of course, as a member of the new era of the Internet, everyone should be familiar with express delivery, so everyone should be friendly with the cushion bubble cushion in the express box. An air packaging machine is equipment for making cushioning air bubbles.


What is the operation method of the Air Packaging Machine?

How does the air packaging machine work? It's easy. After placing the new uninflated air bubble wrap roll on the air packaging machine, the air holes of the air bubble wrap roll pass through the air duct guide column, and then when the air packaging machine is running, the air will be continuously filled into the bubble bag through the air duct guide column After the high temperature, the bubble bag is sealed. In this way, a cushion bubble bag that looks small but has strong pressure resistance is completed. Basically, for a small product, generally, only 4 or 5 cushioning bubble bags are needed to achieve the effect of cushioning and preventing damage.

air packaging machine with monitor

Air Packaging Machine detailed usage method

The operation of Air Packaging Machine is relatively simple, mainly has the following four steps:
1. Connect and plug in the power cord, turn on the switch, and turn on the power.
2. After the device is powered on and powered on, wait for the LCD to enter the main interface.
3. The main interface of the LCD display stays for about 5 seconds, and it will automatically enter the operation interface.
4. Install air bubble wrap roll.

Please pay attention to the precautions when installing air bubble wrap roll:
1. An edge line is printed on one side of the roll film, and the inlet of the roll film is on this edge line; when the shaft is sleeved, the line is sleeved inward so that the air inlet is close to the air filling hole of the Air Packaging Machine.
2. Pass the inlet hole of the roll film into the air-filling hole of the equipment, and the air-intake hole directly penetrates the air-filled metal hole of the equipment.
3. Press the yellow "IN/OUT" button on the operation panel with one hand, and pull the film out of the slot with the other hand at the same time.


Precautions for the use of Air Packaging Machine

In fact, with the development of machinery automation, the operation method of the Air Packaging Machine is relatively quick and straightforward. However, when operating air charging equipment, you need to pay attention to the following:
1. Insert the power cord tightly to prevent the power cord from falling off, which may easily cause damage to the machine. If the power cord is aging or damaged, it is prohibited to operate the machine.
2. After turning on the power switch, the machine needs to be warmed up for 3 to 5 minutes, and the equipment can only be operated after the indicator light is on.
3. If the equipment is suspended and the state lasts for more than 30 seconds, there may be a phenomenon of local foam film being scalded, which is a normal state.
4. After the machine is used for a long time, the blade will gradually become blunt, so replace the blade after it becomes dull.
After purchasing Air Packaging Machine, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully to avoid damage to the machine or cause unnecessary losses.

Although the air packaging machine is only a hard worker behind the scenes, whether the air bubble bags can be filled with enough gas and the sealing performance is good enough, these effects cannot be guaranteed without the efforts of the air packaging machine. With the continuous development of technology, air packaging machines will be more convenient, efficient, and intelligent.

Precautions for the use of Air Packaging Machine

Six advantages of Xuanwang air packaging machine

1. Xuanwang Air Cushion Packaging Machine XWpack001, Dimension is 400mm* 310mm* 295mm (L* W* H), inflation speed is 18m/min, which can meet most customers' filling needs!
2. The world's lightweight cushioning equipment, exquisite and trim in appearance, the weight of the whole machine is only 1.4kg, which is about the size of a basketball;
3. It adopts imported power supply, German motor, and Chinese assembly, which is cost-effective;
4. Pass the EU CE safety certification and comply with global machine safety standards;
5. Convenient and intelligent operation interface, LED screen display;
6. Go online for air cushion making immediately; without waiting for the heating time, you can start using it directly.


Four reasons to choose Air Packaging Machine

1. Air Cushion Packaging Machine XWpack001 brings us safety, economy, flexibility, simplicity, and environmental protection. This product combines many advantages in one, including safety, environmental protection, dustproof, lightweight, and so on.
2. Air Packaging Machine is very suitable for packaging that requires cushioning and as a filling packaging. Its weight is very light, so it can save transportation costs; it can significantly improve work safety and save the cost of storage space because it is still a roll of original plastic bags before being transferred to the packaging workshop for blow molding. This is a new international packaging concept, primary online production, just use output.
3. XWpack001 is an ideal packaging solution. It can meet the flexible and changeable requirements of customers. It is also straightforward to use. The airbag film roll can be lightly and quickly installed on the machine. In addition, the machine itself is very safe, fast, and easy to adjust, and the production efficiency of the engine is extremely high!
4. XWpack001 is a Mini Air Cushion Machine with independent intellectual property rights, which has changed the long-term dependence on the desktop mini air cushion machine! This machine weighs only 11.5kg+2.5kg and realizes the separation design of the film support and the machine. It is flexible, compact, and convenient to use. The production speed reaches 18m/min (Max), which meets the needs of different types of customers.

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