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Air Column Bags Buying Guide (Updated 2023)

Air column bags are a great choice if you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to protect your products during shipment. Their lightweight, superior cushioning, and wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and features provide ample protection against shocks and scratches while taking up much less space than traditional packing materials such as foam or bubble wrap. Learn more about the different types of air column bags today!

Air Column Bags: Made of different materials

They are typically made from a combination of the following materials:

1, Plastic film
2, Polyethylene
3, Nylon
4, PE/PA Co-extrusion Film

1, Plastic film

Buy from Amazon / $75.99 ($0.76 / Count)

Size 100PACK (17.7″×17.7″)
Material Plastic

Air column bags made of plastic film offer several advantages, including affordability, protection against shocks and scratches, the flexibility of size and shape, lightweight, and cost-effectiveness. However, plastic film is not as strong as other materials used to make air column bubble wrap, so it may not be the best choice for heavier or more fragile products. Additionally, some types of plastic can be susceptible to punctures and damage from harsh temperatures or chemicals.

2, Polyethylene

Buy from Amazon / $21.99 ($0.44 / Count)

Size 15.4 x 9.4 inches
Material Pa, Polyethylene

Air column bags of polyethylene are strong and durable, making them suitable for protecting various items from shocks and scratches. They are also waterproof and resistant to many chemicals, an advantage over plastic film. However, polyethylene can be more expensive than other materials and may be less flexible in size and shape. Additionally, polyethylene bags may have a shorter lifespan than other materials due to their susceptibility to UV damage.

3, Nylon

Buy from Amazon / $19.99 / 20 Pack

Size 20 Pack
Material Nylon

Air column bags made of nylon offer several advantages, including strength and durability, flexibility in size and shape, water resistance, and the ability to withstand high and low temperatures. Nylon air column bubble wrap protects against shocks, scratches, and punctures. However, nylon is known to be less cost-effective than other materials used to make air column bags and may not be as lightweight or as flexible. Additionally, nylon can be susceptible to damage from harsh chemicals

4, PE/PA Co-extrusion Film

XuanWang’s air column bags are made from the latest innovative PE/PA Co-extrusion Film material. This lightweight yet durable material offers superior cushioning and protection for all types of products, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Its high puncture resistance and low permeability also ensure your products stay safe during transport, making it the perfect solution for all your shipping needs.

Air column bags made of PE/PA co-extrusion film offer several advantages, including durability and flexibility. Additionally, their two-layer design allows for better air retention and pressure control, making them suitable for many applications. However, PE/PA may not be as strong as other materials like nylon or polypropylene and can also be susceptible to harsh chemicals. Additionally, due to their manufacturing process, these bags can be more expensive than some other materials and are not as easy to customize in size or shape.

Air Column Bags: Different shapes and uses

Air column bags are an effective cushioning and protection material that can be used to reduce damage and breakage during the shipping process. Common air column cushion bags come in three main types: Q-Type, U-Type, and L-Type. These offer a variety of levels of cushioning and protection depending on their application. In addition to these common bags, some special-purpose bags offer additional flexibility and protection, such as Dome-Type, S-Type, and Air Column Cushion Boxes. These specialty air columns provide extra cushioning and protection for delicate products during transit.

L-Type ;
Hanging Type.

1) Q-Type:

Q-Type Air Column bags derive their name from their unique Q-shape, which provides extra protection to the corners and edges of an item. The air column cushion bag is perfect for packaging bottles, jars, mugs, plates, cups, and other fragile items. The Q-shaped air columns absorb shock and prevent the crushing of the items during transport.

Air Column Bag Roll Q Type

2) U-Type:

These bags are designed to protect oddly shaped items or irregularly sized products. The air columns cushion the product, allowing it to fit snugly inside the bag. U-Type Air Column bags can package various items, including kitchenware, small electronics, toys, gadgets, books, cosmetics, and more.

Inflatable Air Column Bag U Type

3) L-Type:

L-Type Air Column bags feature a unique “L” shape that provides extra 360-degree protection, making them ideal for packaging tools, utensils, fragile items, and heavy-duty products. The cushioning air absorbs shock and prevents scratching or other damage during transit.

Air Column Bag Roll L Type

4) C-Type:

Buy from Amazon / $49.64/ pack for 1 inch99

Corner protector air column bags, or C-shaped air column bags, provide the ideal protection for your valuable items. Whether you’re shipping picture frames, furniture, or television sets, these air column bags protect against scratches and wear and tear during transport by taking up minimal space in the four corners of the item.

Corner protector air column bags

5) Hanging Type Air Column Bag For Computer Monitor LCD.

The TV screen hanging air column bag is the perfect solution for protecting LCD and LED TVs as well as other fragile items during shipping. This protective technology ensures that your products stay safe throughout the entire shipping process, with two U-shaped air column bags wrapping around the TV screen from left and right sides. You can customize this bag in size to perfectly fit your individual product, ensuring maximum protection at all times.

Hanging Type Air Column Bag For Computer Monitor LCD

So, what type of air column bag is your best choice?

Air column bags are available in various shapes and sizes, ensuring that there is always a perfect match for any product.
The different shapes provide specific features that cater to specific protection needs, ensuring the product remains safe and secure during transportation. With an inflatable air column, you can rest assured that your fragile and delicate items will reach their destination in perfect condition.


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