Air Cushion Bag Product Introduction

2021-11-03 17:34:20

Why is Air Cushion Bag the First Choice for Logistics Packaging?

1. Low cost. The inflated air cushion bag is composed of 99% air and 1% plastic film. Compared with other packaging materials, the cost can be reduced by 30% to 50%.
2. Reduce storage space and transportation costs. Before inflation, the packaging material of the air cushion bag was in a rolled or flat laminated state, so the storage and transportation occupy a small space.
3. Good cushioning effect. A single individual air cushion bag can bear a weight of 80-100kg. It can effectively fill the excess space between the product and the carton, ensuring that it will not move or shake in the carton during transportation.
4. Environmental protection is reusable; the film after the damaged air cushion can be recycled, easy to handle, and no environmental hazards. Suitable for packaging protection of electronic products, scanners, hardware, toner cartridges, ceramics, electromechanical equipment, etc. To


Features of Air Cushion Bag:

①.A new packaging system that uses natural air filling in the 21st century.
②.This packaging material comprises a roll of film and an air cushion manufacturing machine, which can manufacture the small bubble bags required on site.
③.Save material storage space and reduce freight expenses.
④.Transparent, close-fitting, good cushioning effect.
⑤.Recyclable environmentally friendly materials to enhance product packaging and corporate image.

Itemmain parameters
Product namefilm
Product typeordinary PE, antistatic PE, normal PA, antistatic PA, high-strength PA;
Product specificationsL500-900m* W420mm* 0.04-0.1mm
Standard specificationL700m* W420mm* 0.055mm
Inflation pressure0.04mpa ~ 0.06mpa
Temperature resistance+75℃ -35℃
Finished product specificationsL40×W40, L60×W40, L80×W40, L16×W40, etc.
Environmental recyclingin line with the seventh category of environmental resource recycling
SizeIt is completely flat before being inflated and is a coil

Four Advantages of Xuanwang
1. Over the years, a company that has focused on the development of the cushioning packaging industry, producing and selling new cushioning materials
With professional designers and advanced technology, we sincerely welcome every customer!

2. Strict monitoring of the production process
Professional design team
Provide packaging solutions for your products for free! Sample processing, private customization.

3. One-stop purchasing service
Fast production, complete specifications, sufficient supply, and products can be supplied at any time!

4. High-quality PE+PA film is durable
Tailorable, customizable, shockproof buffer, guaranteed transportation

The air cushion bag itself uses PE+PA film as the material, so it has the advantages of low cost, space-saving, recyclability, reduced packaging process, and non-polluting.


The Importance of Air Cushion Bags to the Express Market

Air cushion bag is a new generation of cushioning packaging developed and produced in response to the rapid rise of online shopping and logistics. In the cushioning market, this type of packaging is quickly used in packaging applications in various fields with low cost, high efficiency, and good protection. Cushion bag is favored by most merchants and consumers in the application of carton filling.

Air cushion bags are mainly filled with airbags and wrapped bubble cushions, which are widely used in protective packaging during product transportation to reduce damage rates and improve customer trust and satisfaction.

The Characteristic of the Air Cushion Bag is That It Allows Multi-directional Winding. Examples Are As Follows:
①. The top/bottom padding prevents the product from moving.
②. Surround the filling and protect the vulnerable products.
③. Surrounding wrapping, large space-filling, surrounding protection, four-corner protection.

Red Air Cushion Bag


Benefits of Using Air Cushion Bag:

①. Production of airbags or bubble cushions on demand, a highly flexible production system.
②. Easy to carry, easy to install and use, easy to operate the inflatable equipment, fully electric system.
③ No paper is needed; foam and foam materials are large in volume and convenient to store.
Air cushion bag is a new type of cushioning material that currently uses air as a cushion. It is a packaging material for merchants to reduce storage costs, transportation costs and improve the environmental protection of commodity packaging.


Four Advantages of Air Cushion Bag

Logistics transportation is something we often use in our daily life, and an air cushion bag is a better packaging material in product protection. Air cushion bag is a product that we often see in our everyday life, especially some friends. Buying new products will almost always know the air cushion bag on the packaging, but I believe that my friends have not considered why so many products or machines need air cushion bags for packaging? Is it just to prevent earthquakes? Obviously, there is more than one answer, so the author will give a specific introduction in the following article.


Technology is Advancing, and Industry is Also Constantly Improving. at Present, the Air Cushion Bag We Are in Contact with Has Four Significant Advantages.

①. The material of the Air cushion bag is non-toxic and can be recycled;
②. The current air cushion bags are basically customized, and this customization is based on computer-related software, and there is no need for molds;
③. The everyday air cushion bag is very convenient to pack, and its protective effect on the product has not diminished in the slightest;
④. Air cushion bag can improve the grade and image of the product very well. Although the air cushion bag is not of much value, it can be packaged on the product to set off the product is a very high-grade product, and customers are also happy After unpacking the air cushion bag, I got my favorite product.

These are the four advantages of air cushion bags. Each point is crucial for air cushion bags. Why XUANWANG air cushion bags have been developed for so many years is precise because the market needs them, and air cushion bags are essential for logistics and transportation. The help is very significant, and its specific role is determined by these four advantages.

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