Air Pillow Film

Xuan Wang is a famous air pillow film manufacturer and supplier in China. Our factory specializes in manufacturing air pillow films. air-cushion film. air column bag, air cushion bag, and air bubble machine

We always provide high-quality pillow films with advanced technology, experienced engineers, and skilled workers to our customers from all over the world. We can manufacture specific pillow films according to customers' requirements.

Shockproof Environmental Protection Plastic PAPE Air Bubble 400x160 For Kitchen Furniture

400X140 Air Pillow Film Plastic Air Bubble Packaging Wrap Film Protective Packing Material

Biodegradable Anti-drop Shock Air Pillow Film Roll 300x100 for Commodity Customizable

Anti-drop Shock Transparent Air Pillow Bag 250x100 for Fragile Products / Book Customizable

Shockproof Transparent Recyclable Air Pillow Inflatable Packaging Bags 200x200 for Food, Beverage

Inflatable Transparent Recyclable Air Pillow Wrap 200x150 Used in Chemical, Machinery

ECO friendly Transparent Air Pillows 200x130 with ROHS for Fragile Products

Customizable Transparent Recyclable Air Pillow Film 200x100 for Food, Beverage

Detail Introduction

What is Air Pillow Film?

Air pillow film is a new plastic packaging material that is light in texture, good in transparency, non-toxic, and odorless. Air pillow film uses high-pressure polyethylene as the primary raw material, then adds whitening agent, opening agent, and other auxiliary materials, and is extruded and blistered into a bubble product at a high temperature of about 230 degrees, which can prevent moisture, buffer, and heat the product.

Air pillow film is also known as air-cushion film, air bubble film, bubble film, and air cushion film. It is a pressure-proof, moisture-proof, and shockproof chemical product used for packing and filling. It has the advantages of good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing, non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and good transparency.

Advantages: good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing;
Function: shockproof, shatterproof. product protection;
Category: chemical products;
Alias: air-cushion film, air bubble film, bubble cloth, bubble paper;

What's the advantage of Air Pillow Film?

Air pillow film is a type of packaging product that can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common uses are for shipping, storage, and medical applications.

The advantages of air pillow film include:


It's much lighter than bubble wrap, which makes it easier to handle and store.

Saves Space and Money

Air pillow film can save you money because it takes up less space in your warehouse or storage facility. You won't have to pay for as much storage space or rent as many storage units.

Easy to Use and Dispose Of

Air pillow film is easy to use and dispose of when you're finished with it. The material is made from plastic so it can be recycled easily or thrown away when necessary.


What’s the difference between air pillow film and bubble wrap film?

Air Pillow Film is a type of film that has the ability to be stretched and compressed. The most common types of air pillow film are:

Air-Laid, Air-Stable, Flocked and Flocked/Porous. Air Pillow Films can be made in any thickness or width. They are used for protecting products during packaging or shipping, cushioning fragile items, and protecting against moisture or chemicals.

Bubble Wrap Film is a type of plastic film that has thousands of small bubbles in it. When it’s stretched across an item, the bubbles form an airtight barrier that protects the item from damage during shipping or transport. It’s also commonly used as a packing material because it’s easy to use and affordable.

Bubble wrap film is an alternative to air pillow film, and it’s a great option if you need to ship heavy or fragile items. The bubbles in this type of wrapping material protect your products by absorbing impact, so they’re ideal for protecting breakable items like ceramics, glassware, and other fragile items.

Both air pillow and bubble wrap films are available in multiple widths, lengths, and thicknesses so you can choose the best option for your needs.


Is the Air Pillow Film eco-friendly?

Air Pillow Film is a 100% recyclable material, which means it can be recycled with other plastics. Recycling this type of film requires the same process as recycling other plastic packaging materials.

In addition, Air Pillow Film is made from recycled material and is produced in an environmentally friendly way. The film itself is made from recycled PET bottles and industrial waste (including old fishing nets), which means that there are no new virgin materials used in its production process. This makes it an eco-friendly option for businesses looking for sustainable packaging solutions for their products or services.


Can Air Pillow Film be recycled as other PE films?

Yes, the Air Pillow Film is recyclable. It can be recycled with other PE films.

PE film has excellent physical properties, such as high tensile strength and tears resistance. This makes it very suitable for packaging applications. The main raw materials for PE are ethylene and propylene. Ethylene is a fossil fuel derived from natural gas, while propylene can be produced from crude oil or natural gas.

PE film is made from ethylene and sometimes contains additives such as antioxidants and colorants.


How do I set up my machine to run Air Pillow Film?

Air Pillow is a machine-based process that requires the machine to be set up correctly. It is not complicated, but it does require some basic knowledge about the machine and its settings.

First, the machine must be set up for Air Pillow Film. This means the correct rollers on the infeed side of the machine must be used, as well as the correct settings for speed and tension.

Second, when adjusting tension, it is important to follow a specific procedure. This procedure allows you to adjust tension quickly and accurately.

Third, when loading film into your machine, make sure you use the correct setting for "operator presence." This setting determines how much operator presence is required during loading and unloading operations.

Fourth, it is important to keep your material clean and dry at all times during production runs. Moisture can cause problems with adhesion between layers when running Air Pillow Film.

If you have urgent questions, please send us an email or call us, we provide 24-hour service:
Mobile:+86 18061502907


How do I dispose of air pillow film?

Air pillow film is a kind of fragile material. It is easy to tear and break during the transportation process. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the transportation process of air pillow film.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage and loss, you can use professional air pillow film disposal methods.

1. The first step is to cut the air pillow film into several pieces with appropriate sizes according to the actual requirements of customers;

2. Then fold each piece into a small bag and seal it with adhesive tape;

3. Then put all these small bags into one big bag and seal it;

4. The last step is to transport these big bags by truck or ship to your customer's warehouse or factory directly so that you can save money on transportation costs.


What are the different uses of air pillow film?

Air pillow film has many uses in the packaging industry, including:

Protecting products from moisture. Air pillow film is used to protect products from moisture and other elements. It can be used to package sensitive items or those that must be kept dry, such as electronics and machinery, as well as food and drink items.

Acting as a cushion. Air pillow film is used as an effective cushion for fragile shipments that require special protection against impact damage during transit. Because it's stretchy and flexible, air pillow film can conform to large, irregularly shaped products without causing damage to them or the box they are being shipped in.

Providing additional protection during shipping. Air pillow film is also used to provide extra protection when shipping delicate items such as glassware or ceramics by providing extra cushioning around the item being shipped — not just inside the box but also on the outside of the package in case it gets mishandled by someone at the warehouse or delivery center before reaching its destination.


How to inflate the air pillow film?

Inflating air pillows film is easy. You just need a machine that can inject air into the pillow. The most common way to inflate the pillow is to use an electric pump. It is also possible to use compressed air or steam, but these methods are not recommended because they can damage the pillow.


Inflating the Pillow Film

1. Place the Air Pillow Machine on a flat surface, and check if there is any damage, if not, please put on the air pillow film.

2. Please make sure that the Air pillow Machine is off before you start using it. If you don't know how to turn it off, please call us or read the instruction manual carefully.

3. Open the valve at the bottom of the machine, then connect it to the air source (air compressor).

4. Turn on the machine and set it to your desired pressure (0~200psi), choose a suitable speed (1~8).

5. When inflating an inflated air pillow film, we suggest that you start from one corner of the inflated air pillow film and slowly move towards its center with light pressure until it is fully inflated.


Video Presentation of Inflating Air Pillow Film

How do I ship items with air pillow film?

You can ship items with air pillow film by following these steps:

1. Use a cardboard box that is larger than the item you want to ship. The box should be at least 2 inches larger on all sides than the object being shipped. This will allow you to use air pillow film to properly protect your item during shipping.

2. Place the item inside the box, but do not tape it down yet.

3. Cover the bottom of the box with 2-inch wide packing tape and fold it over the edges of each side of the box until it meets in the middle (top and bottom). This will ensure that your package is secure and sturdy during transit but still allows airflow between layers of protection for added protection from damage due to shifting or impact from bumps during shipping.

4. Next, place an air pillow film layer over top of your item inside its cardboard shipping container, covering every inch of your product from top to bottom and front-to-back so that there are no exposed areas for damage during transit or handling by other parties involved in the shipping process (such as USPS or FedEx staff). Leave a small gap around your product so that when you wrap another layer in a similar manner (with packing tape), that gap will disappear.

Categories of Air Pillow Film:


by type:

Air pillow film is divided into ordinary polyethylene air pillow film, antistatic air pillow film, flame retardant air pillow film, aluminum foil air pillow film, kraft paper bubble film machine, color printing air pillow film, three-layer air pillow film (single-layer bubble), Five layers of air pillow film (double foam), polypropylene thickened air pillow film, composite pearl cotton air pillow film.


Classified by raw materials:

High-quality new material (white and bright color), recycled material (recycled bubble film and other reprocessing, due to impurities, is dark).


Specifications of Air Pillow Film

Main Specifications:
20cm wide, 30cm wide, 40cm wide, 50cm wide, 60cm wide, 70cm wide, 80cm wide, 00cm wide, 120cm wide, 150cm wide, 160cm wide. Various specifications can be customized.


Air pillow film unit area weight:

30g-160g/square meter.


What is air bubble film?

Air bubble film is likewise called bubble pad or bubble paper. It's made from high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw product, bonus the bleaching representative, opening up representative, and various other auxiliary products, and extruded into air bubbles at a heat of 230 levels. The item is a brand-new kind of plastic packaging product with light structure, great openness, safe and odorless, avoiding wetness, supporting, and home heating the thing.

The air bubble film is made from a low-density polyethylene product. It's an often utilized product packaging product. Its work is to develop air bubbles in the double-layer plastic movie to avoid effect and extrusion and play a buffering function. , To safeguard the product packaging items, while the bubble movie likewise has the work of warm insulation, since the bubble is air, the bubble movie has the benefits of a lightweight, openness, and so on., and is commonly utilized in product packaging items or dental filling spaces in all profession.


Functions of Air bubble film

Air bubble film is one of the most typical supporting product packaging products, which has the qualities of inexpensive, broad utilize scene, and significant supportive impact.


How much is the air bubble film price per kilogram?

The cost of air bubble film of various specs and products is multiple.
Primary specs: 20cm broad, 30cm broad, 40cm broad, 50cm broad, 60cm broad, 70cm broad, 80cm broad and 00cm broad, 120cm broad, 150cm broad, 160cm broad. Different specs can be personalized.
Weight eachlocation: 30g-160g/m².
They are categorized by basic materials: top-quality new products (white and brilliant in color), reused products (reprocessed from reused air bubble film, and so on., due to pollutants, the color is dark).


The manufacturing procedure of Air bubble film

① Thawing of basic materials. Polyethylene is heated up and thawed at 230 levels Celsius, melted into a paste material, and sent out to a movie blowing device.
②The film is pumped up. The resulting air bubbles are drawn into the vacuum cleaner to develop natural bubbles.
③ movie synthesis. The movie's back (non-porous side) and front (slit side) are heated up and bound to create the completed air bubble film.
After developing a steady bubble movie item, we typically manage the thickness of the air bubble film by changing the temperature level and discharge rate of each temperature level area to accomplish the preferred outcome.


Air bubble film raw product proportion

When creating air bubble film, we frequently utilize LDPE (High-Stress Polyethylene) and LLDP (Direct Polyethylene), with a particular proportion to create bubble movie items with appropriate item high quality.
Benefits: Great versatility, expansion cable, openness, chilly resistance, and processability.
Drawbacks: poor mechanical stamina, wetness obstacle, gas obstacle, and airflow resistance; inadequate warm resistance and sunshine maturing resistance, simple to decompose and discolor under sun or heat, leading to efficiency deterioration.
Benefits: high stamina, great strength, increased muscle mass stiffness, solid warm and chilly resistance.
Drawbacks: insufficient openness, flat surface area.
Determined based on one load of primary materials, when new basic materials are utilized, the percentage of basic materials for creating air bubble film items with steady item high quality is as complies with.
Main product. The proportion of LDPE is 20%, which is 200KG; the proportion of LLDPE is 80%, which is 800KG.
Devices. 0.2% antistatic representative, specifically 2KG; 0.5% antistatic representative, specifically 5KG.


Air bubble film item spec

Theoretically, as lengthy as the size of the bubble device suffices, clients can personalize any specs of air bubble film items. The size of a virtual bubble device is 1M, 1.2M, 1.6M, 1.8M, 2M, and so forth. The size of the air bubble device identifies the optimal capability of the device and the total size of the item.
Typical elements that impact bubble movie item specs are bubble size, thickness, size, weight, and various laminate layers.
①. Aperture: little bubble size 6mm, elevation 3mm; tool bubble size 10mm, elevation 5mm; big bubble size 28mm, elevation 10mm.
②. The thickness is revealed in the weight of each settle, that's, xx grams/settle, which is frequently utilized to determine the thickness of the coil; the thickness is revealed in squares each kilogram, that's, xx settle/kg, which is frequently utilized to determine the thickness of the bubble film; typical bubble movie Item thickness. 40 g/sq, 50 g/sq, 60 g/sq, 80 g/sq, and so on.
③. Size: Utilizing those rolling devices can be reduced within the optimal size of the device. Typical specs are 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm.
④. Weight. Weight is afflicted by the roll's size, thickness, and size. Generally, a whole number is utilized as the weight spec for relief of negotiation. The typical weight is 1-10KG/roll.
⑤. Variety of layers: typical are single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, five-layer, and so on.; (as revealed below)

Integrated with various use situations, we categorize typical single-layer bubble film roll items as complies with.


Category of Air bubble film.

Air bubble film is split into three classifications by application.
1. Z-type - for hefty product packaging, the bubble size is 10-25mm, and the elevation of the bubble is 3-10mm.
2. Y-type - actual product packaging, the bubble size is 4~15mm, and the elevation of the bubble is 3~7mm.
3. Q kind - appropriate for light product packaging, the bubble size is 3~10mm, and the elevation of the bubble is 2~5mm.


High-quality evaluation procedure of Air bubble film

Action 1: Inspect whether the shade and odor of air bubble film satisfy the demands.
Action 2: Inspect the weight of a solitary roll of air bubble film to identify whether the significance of the air bubble film satisfies the mistake demands.
Action 3: Eliminate an item of air bubble film and evaluate its thickness to identify if its thickness satisfies the mistake demands.
Action 4: Inspect the high quality of the bubbles, whether the variety of levels or decreased bubbles satisfies the high-quality demands, and whether there's an air leak or degumming.


Quality inspection video of air bubble film


Product Features of the Air Pillow Wrap From China


Product features of the Air Pillow Wrap from China

Air bubble pillow wraps are lightweight and flexible packaging solutions for sensitive products. Air pillows are shock-resistant, cushioning, blocking, and supporting compared to packing peanuts. They can provide a professional look in packaging and transporting fragile products. The flexible film can be applied to various products, including electrical and electronic devices, fruits, and cosmetics. This innovative product is made of a unique blend of plastics and air.

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