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Air Column Bag is a revolutionary new packing material that provides superior product protection during shipping. Air column bags are more cost-effective and space-saving than traditional packaging bags. They are made of PE/PA Co-extrusion Film, which makes them stretch-resistant and balanced. Read More

You can find a variety of air column bags in different sizes to fit your needs. For example, the L-shaped air column bag is designed to be higher on one side than the other, making it perfect for packaging items with an uneven shape. You can also get customized air column bags with low minimums for special orders.

Types and uses of air column bags

1, Q-type air column bags can package various items, including bottles, jars, mugs, plates, cups, and other fragile items. The unique Q-shape provides extra protection to the corners and edges of the item so that it remains safe during shipping. It is also an ideal choice for protecting bulky items with sharp edges or irregular shapes since the air cushioning helps keep them in place during transport.

2, U-type air column bags protect oddly shaped items or irregularly sized products. These bags provide extra cushioning around the item, allowing it to fit snugly and securely in the bag. U-type air column bags can package various items, including kitchenware, small electronics, toys, gadgets, books, cosmetics, and more. The unique shape helps keep the item safe during transit and prevents any shifting or movement within the bag.

3, L-type air column bags are ideal for items that need extra 360-degree protection. These bags feature a unique “L” shape and provide a secure cushion of air around the item while allowing it to move freely within the bag. L-type air column bags can package tools, utensils, fragile items, and heavy-duty products. The air cushioning helps absorb shock and prevent scratching or other damage during transit.  Read More

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