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Air Pillows 200×130

Approximate price:$2.65.00/per kg


Air Pillows 200x130 offers a revolutionary way to improve packaging and storage efficiency. Made with durable HDPE materials, they boast strong resistance to pressure while remaining space-efficient - perfect for books, luggage, electronic products, or snacks! Fast inflation times make them incredibly convenient thanks to their tear lines. Rely on Air Pillow 200 x 130's reliable sealing power that comes without air leakage: safer than ever and always straightforward. Order now and enjoy our low prices!

Deliver, Shipping, And Serving Air Pillows 200x130 are swiftly delivered within a timeframe of 5-7 days. These pillows can be shipped with air or sea transportation to ensure the customer receives their order in maximum safety and speed. We offer an unmatched 24 hour response promise if any issue arises during delivery.

Product Description


Air Pillows 200×130 is the perfect solution for all your packaging and storage needs. They are made from a durable HDPE material capable of withstanding pressure, while their air tightness makes them safe and reliable. The low inflation times make them incredibly fast to use and an ideal choice for many applications.

Air Pillows 200x130


-Strong resistance to pressure
-Space-efficient construction
-Fast inflation times thanks to tear lines
-Reliable sealing power comes without air leakage
-Safe and straightforward in use


Air Pillows 200×130 is an ideal option for many applications, offering strong protection for books, luggage, electronic products, or snacks. They can also protect delicate items during shipping or storage, and their space efficiency ensures they do not take up too much space. Furthermore, their fast inflation times make them the perfect choice where speed and convenience are desired.

Air Pillows 200x130


Product SeriesAir Pillow
Meters/Roll500m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)20um or Customized
Package2 Rolls/Ctn


Q1: What material is Air Pillow 200×130 made from?

A1: Air Pillow 200×130 is made from a durable HDPE material capable of withstanding pressure while remaining space efficient.

Q2: How quickly can Air Pillows be inflated?

A2: Thanks to their tear lines, Air Pillows 200×130 can be inflated quickly and easily, meaning you won’t have to wait around for them to inflate.

Q3: Are Air Pillows 200×130 suitable for packaging fragile items?

A3: Yes! Their reliable sealing power prevents air leakage, so your fragile items remain undamaged during shipping or storage.

Q4: Can I rely on Air Pillow 200×130’s resistance to pressure?

A4: Absolutely! The durable HDPE material ensures your items remain safe even when subjected to high pressure.

Q5: What type of applications are suitable for using Air Pillows 200×130?

A5: You can use these versatile pillows on books, luggage, electronic products, or snacks – whatever you need protecting!

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