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What is Air Column Bag?

Air column bag, also known as cushion air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, or column inflatable bag, is a new type of packaging material in the 21st century using natural air filling.

Buffered air column bag packaging advantages:

1, One AIRBAG single-tube air column can withstand about 100kg of weight.

2, High-quality PE+PA film, strong and durable, high air tightness. Protection performance is more guaranteed.

3, the basic material tested by SGS does not contain any heavy metals, burning non-toxic, in line with the impermeable, moisture-proof, and environmental characteristics, the best choice in this century instead of Polyamide, EPE, and pulp.

4, Cushioned air column bag is inflated with air before use and designed to fit the product, so it has the following advantages.

(1) low cost: the cost of air column bags is very low. People who know something about air column bags know that the modern production process is mechanized automation, air column bags are extremely efficient and do not need to open the mold, mold trials, or mold changes so you can save a lot of R & D production costs.

(2) save space and more trouble: air column bag space is very small compared to traditional packaging, and better protection. Most importantly, consumers do not have to worry about garbage after getting the goods.

(3) can be recycled, belonging to the 7th category of recycling standards.

(4) Reduce the packaging process, saving labor.

(5) Non-polluting.

(6) At the same time can also provide long time storage and transportation without leakage of gas shock protection.

(7) improve corporate image: air column bags as modern and more advanced packaging materials, environmental protection, and non-polluProtectionransport can protect the product but also show consumers the image of a company. For environmentally friendly enterprises, consumers have a certain degree of goodwill. Air column inflatable bags meet the EU ROHS green requirements while reducing the waste of many resources, so the use of air column bags to enhance the corporate image of the user’s praise is of great help.

Air Column Bag Roll L Type

What are the characteristics?

1、The material is non-toxic, recyclable, and has no environmental problems. 2、The production process is computer-tailored, with no mold needed, fast delivery time, and low cost. 3、Easy packaging, improved protection, save freightProtectiontorage space. 4、Improve the appearance of product packaging image. 5、The air can be automatically locked after inflation. 6、Even if an air column is broken, it will not affect the cushioning protection of the whole air column bag for the product. The air column bag uses a range editor.

What is the scope of use?

Inflatable bags have a wide range of applications, as long as the packaging and the need to transport the product can use the air column bag. Is epe, eps, paper and plastic alternatives, low cost and environmental protection, cushioning protection is good. Mainly summarized as follows:

1, the packaging of electronic products Electronic products are everywhere in the 21st century, and people’s lives can be said that without electronic products is a little too boring. But electronic products and too fragile, and it is easy to touch badly. For example, if the display screen, the touch screen is broken, etc., in this case, to replace a part ma, many people will choose, at this time, the use of gas column inflatable bags to maximize the guarantee that these fragile products will not be broken due to transportation. Furthermore, TV, video cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., can also use inflatable bag packaging.

2, the protection of crafts FraProtectiong products, such as glass, concave and convex mirrors, pottery, porcelain, and other prices vary greatly; transport with the gas column and inflatable bags for buffering will reduce losses. Of course, if it is applied to archaeology, the transport of antiquities can be said to reduce the risk by a great deal.

3, the protection of precision Protections For precision instruments or expensive products, such as pianos, medical equipment, etc. The most important thing is the accuracy. Collision and bumps will greatly impact their quality; it can be said that the emergence of gas column inflatable bags improves this situation greatly because of the inflatable bag’s performance, pressure, and impact resistance.

4, the protection of explosive Protection because many chemical products will react with the air and are flammable and explosive; inflatable bags can block oxygen to ensure safety, thus improving this situation greatly.

5, Protection of products wProtectionpact resistance For example, chemical fiber products, floor tiles, building materials, lighting equipment, etc., have more effective protection. To put it bluntly, as long as packaging can use the air column inflatable bags.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How strong are air column bags?

Air column bags are strong and can withstand weights of around 100kg.

2. What material is used to make air column bags?

High-quality PE+PA film is used to make air column bags.

3. What are the advantages of using air column bags?

Air column bags are low-cost, space-saving, eco-friendly, recyclable, and non-polluting.

4. Are air column bags tested for safety?

Yes! SGS tests them to ensure their safety.

5. What products can be packed using air column bags?

Air column bags can be used to pack electronic products, ceramic items, instruments, and other fragile or expensive items.

6. Can air column bags be reused or recycled?

Yes! Air column bags can be reused and recycled because they are eco-friendly.

7. Can air column bags improve a business's image?

Yes! Using eco-friendly air column bags can improve a business’s image by showing that they are environmentally responsible.

8. How can air column bags reduce labor costs?

Air column bags reduce labor costs because they don’t need to be opened or cut like traditional packing materials.

9. Are air column bags cost-effective for businesses?

Yes! Air column bags are cost-effective for businesses because they are inexpensive and reduce labor and storage costs.

10. How do air column bags protect items during transportation?

Air column bags protect fragile items during transportation by cushioning them from bumps and impacts.


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