Features of Cushioned Inflatable Bags

2022-01-17 11:16:57

What Are Buffered Inflatable Bags?

Buffer inflatable bags, also known as shock-proof packaging, refer to packaging that takes specific protective measures to reduce the impact and vibration of the protected items and protect them from damage and plays a vital role in various packaging methods.


Why Are Inflatable Bags an Advantage over Styrofoam?

Foam plastic has become a widely used cushioning material due to its good cushioning performance and shock absorption performance.
The advantages of foamed plastics: lightweight, easy processing, good protection performance, wide adaptability, low price, and good quality;
Disadvantages of foam plastics: large size, natural weathering of waste, and harmful gases generated by incineration.

In the case of severe environmental pollution and lack of natural resources, people attach great importance to the harm of foam to the environment. Although degradable plastics have been developed with the development of science and technology, the high cost of printing and translation, strict processing conditions, and 100% degradation cannot be achieved, which limits the wide application of such degradable plastics. Therefore, foam plastic will gradually be replaced by other environmentally friendly cushioning materials, So use cushioned inflatable bags as packing air bags.


Advantages of Inflatable Bags

Both single-sided and double-sided inflatable bags can be equipped with anti-static bubble bags in different colors and prints and can also be compounded with other materials for added protection and aesthetics and mainly used for postal packaging of products. Inflatable bags are covered with a layer of bubble film that reduces the vibration of the double-sided bubble bag. There are countless small air bubbles in the bubble film, so it is light and elastic and has the functions of sound insulation, shock resistance, and scratch resistance.

Cushioned inflatable bags are cushioning packaging that can be completely recycled or degraded and are highly environmentally friendly. However, paper, plastic, and other packaging methods are not suitable for products with high cushioning requirements, heavyweight, irregular shapes, and many changes in product types due to their poor cushioning performance and load-bearing performance. It is believed that in the near future, there will be more and more low-cost, high-environmental-friendly cushioning packaging concepts and materials.

inflatable bags

Application of Inflatable Bags

Bubble bags are widely used in shock-resistant buffering and protective packaging of electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, self-driving cars, kitchens, furniture, hardware tools, glass products, and instruments. It can prevent the items from being squeezed, vibrated, and rubbed during the transmission process and has a certain protective effect on items that are afraid of being squeezed and pressed.


Features of Inflatable Bags

Why do so many items get damaged in one way or another? This is mainly because the items are subject to the risk of damage caused by loading and unloading from the factory, as well as the impact force caused by bumps during transportation. If the protection is not done before leaving the factory, problems such as damage to the items will occur.

In the face of such a huge impact, many e-commerce sellers, manufacturers, logistics express transporters, etc., have been anxiously broken. For this reason, it is particularly important to choose a suitable buffer material. As a new type of cushioning material, Inflatable bags are entering the modern transport packaging industry. 

Inflatable bags are made by inflating the film through the air pillow machine, are composed of 99% air and 1% film, are green, and have the following properties:
Take one roll of air pillow roll film (length 500 meters) with a specification of 10cmx20cm as an example:
①.1 The volume of the film after inflation is about 5000 effectively filled inflatable bags, and the use cost is low.
②.Save warehouse space, one roll of film occupies about 0.008 cubic meters of storage space; that is, 120 rolls of film can be stored per cubic meter of space, and about 540 cubic meters of inflatable bags after inflation.
③. The inflated air pillow film protects each product 360° without dead ends and can resist the impact force of up to 60KG, so you can rest assured.
④. The package filled with Inflatable bags is clean and tidy, with a high-end atmosphere, which fundamentally changes the embarrassing situation of the traditional packaging bubbles flying all over the sky, making you feel comfortable.
⑤. Personalized logo customization, secondary publicity for your brand improve brand effectiveness.
⑥. Various specifications are available, such as: 5cm* 20cm, 10cm* 20cm, 12cm* 20cm, 13cm* 20cm, 15cm* 20cm, 20cm* 20cm, etc., to meet your different packaging needs.
⑦.Inflatable bags can be inflated according to demand and can be filled as needed, which can save a lot of storage space.
⑧. The product can be degraded after use, will not pollute the environment, will not produce black smoke when incinerated, and will not harm human health.


Inflatable Bags Product Advantages:

①.Volume: Space-saving, completely flat before being inflated, and little space for standing.
②. Warehousing: does not occupy space.
③. Moisture resistance: moisture-proof, waterproof.
④. Cushioning: The product is completely covered and has excellent cushioning.
⑤.Environmental protection: Small size, HDPE environmental protection material can be 100% recycled and reused, packaging products exported to every country in the world are welcome.
⑥. Image: beautiful appearance, improved product quality, and company image.
⑦.User use: simple packaging operation, fast delivery and use, flexible use, convenient inventory management, reducing packaging process, and saving manpower.
⑧. Film making: film making is fast and low cost.
⑨. Cleanliness: dust-free, non-toxic, non-polluting
⑩. Bearing capacity: One AIRBAG single-tube air column can bear a weight of about 100kg.
⑪. Protection ability: high-quality PE+PA film, sturdy and durable, high air tightness, and can also provide anti-seismic protection for long-term storage and transportation without air leakage, and the protection performance is more guaranteed.

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