General Knowledge About Air Column Bags

2022-02-05 13:54:59

General Knowledge About Air Column Bags

Air column bag is a modern packaging material that can protect your goods in various ways. It is environmentally friendly and can demonstrate your enterprise's image to consumers. These bags meet EU ROHS green environmental protection requirements and are suitable for many products, including food and drinks. The air column bag has good shock resistance and reduces damage costs. It is also a perfect solution for the transportation of bulky and fragile items.



The most common air column bag is the L-shaped one, which has a large opening and can be used to pack large items. This type of bag is very flexible, so it can be compressed to fit almost anything. It is also easy to inflate and deflate and extend to a weight of 60-120 kg. It can protect various items, including electronics, televisions, and light bulbs.


The air column bag is a new packaging system filled with natural air. 


It is an environmentally-friendly cushioning material that has excellent potential for future development. When using an air column bag, it is essential to keep the surroundings clean. Sharp tools and packaging boxes should not be used with this product. It should be placed on a smooth surface. A quiet, dust-free environment is necessary for the best performance. It should also be kept away from moisture and sharp objects.

The air column bag provides long-term protection for products and durable, lightweight, LDPE+15%PA film. It is non-toxic and compliant with the ROHS requirements. Its low cost and flexibility make it ideal for fragile packaging products. An air column bag is also the best replacement for pulp because it does not require changing molds or opening them. Moreover, it does not affect the environment.

In addition to its high quality and durability. It can be used for various types of transportation. An air column bag is an excellent choice for products vulnerable to damage in transit. If you want to protect your products, it's crucial to use an air column bag. It can be a helpful way to protect your goods during transport. There are so many different air column bags available that it's hard to choose just one.

In the 21st century, electronic products are everywhere. These products are very fragile, and they can easily break. An air column bag is an excellent way to protect your products during transport. It is a convenient way to carry heavy items. And it is economical to buy them, either in bulk or separately. An inflatable air column bag is an excellent choice if you're a small business. You can choose from various shapes, and you'll find that it will work perfectly for your needs.


The air column bag has many benefits for your business. 


They are durable and eco-friendly. Unlike pulp, these bags are made of LDPE+PA film, non-toxic combustion, and moisture-proof. They are also an ideal choice for packing products with many fragile parts. Aside from being an environmentally-friendly packing material, air column bags can save you money on transportation, as well as in terms of R&D.


An air column bag can protect a variety of delicate items. 


It can be used as a buffer for products in transit. Inflatable air column bags have good cushioning capabilities so that they can protect your expensive products from bumps. An air column bag is also an excellent option for packing electronic products. It is an efficient way to protect your valuable and fragile electronics. Aside from being lightweight, it saves space and has better protection effects than plastic wraps.


Another advantage of air column bags is that they are lightweight. 


Compared to honeycomb cardboard and foam plastic, air column bags can be easily inflated with gas to protect a wide variety of items. Additionally, they are resistant to moisture and withstand high temperatures. These features make them a superior choice for packaging products sensitive to temperature or humidity. An air column bag will protect your goods while in transit, whether television or electronic product.

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