Application of cushion filling materials such as Air Pillow Film

2021-09-15 14:52:45

Since the beginning of human civilization, people have used plant stems and leaves, animal skins, and other materials for the most primitive packaging. With the development of society and the improvement of technological level, humans have learned to make tools, weave baskets, and make clay pots to preserve food. With time, the development level of human science and technology is getting faster and faster, and there are many kinds of packaging products. What kind of filling and packaging materials do modern people mainly use when packaging express delivery and logistics delivery?


Common 4 kinds of cushioning packaging materials

1. Waste newspaper
A few decades ago, China was not like it is today. At that time, China's productivity was low, the economy was relatively backward, and there were not a lot of materials for people to choose from. And there are not as many courier companies as there are now. At that time, people would go to the post office when they wanted to mail items, and the transportation was not very convenient. They often take a long time to mail the items they want to mail. To prevent the mail items from being damaged during transportation, people put waste newspapers in the parcel boxes to prevent shaking and bumps during transportation from damaging the items. The more affluent people also fill cotton, rags, and other things. So far, many elderly people like to use waste newspapers as filling protection materials. It is not enough to use waste newspapers as packing materials for express delivery. Although the cost is low, the protection effect is poor and unsightly.

2. Corrugated paper
In the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,200 years ago, our ancestors had invented paper, but this kind of paper was rough and not widely used. It was not until 105 AD when Cai Lun of the Eastern Han Dynasty transformed it, and only then had modern paper. Cai Lun is known as the originator of modern papermaking. The corrugated paper has a history of more than 100 years. The corrugated paper was widely used from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century, at low cost and lightweight. Corrugated paper is easy to recycle and can relatively protect the integrity of the product. In some specific products, corrugated cardboard can be combined into an inner and outer box to facilitate the loading, storage, and transportation of goods. So far, it is still one of the main products of people's packaging materials. However, the storage of corrugated paper is indeed big trouble, requiring a lot of storage space to store, sometimes even more than the space for storing products.

3. Plastic foam
Plastic foam has many advantages such as heat preservation, waterproofing, and shock absorption. It is made of polystyrene chemical materials and has been widely used in product packaging. When we buy large household appliances such as TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc., we often see them when we open the package. But plastic foam is easy to break because of its light texture, and it is blown everywhere by the wind after it is broken. There are also disposable snack boxes, also made of polystyrene. These plastics and residues will not be degraded by microorganisms. If buried deep underground, it will also pollute water sources, destroy soil structure, and reduce crop yields. If incinerated, the gas produced will pollute the environment. This is the main culprit of white pollution.

plastic foam for cushioning

4. Pearl cotton
EPE is a new type of express filling and packaging material, which is composed of low-density polyethylene resin through physical foaming to produce countless independent bubbles. This kind of packaging material is light in weight, has the advantages of being moisture-proof, shock-proof, and recyclable. It can effectively protect the product. Since EPE is a block-shaped filling protection material, it needs a lot of space when storing, which is also a big expenditure of storage cost.

pearl cotton for cushioning


Why use Packaging Air Bags?

These types of filling and packaging materials have one thing in common, that is, they are block fillings. Even if newspapers are clumped together, they will take up space. Leaving aside the protective effects of these filling materials, from the changes in these filling materials, it is not difficult to see that people's requirements for package filling materials such as express delivery and logistics are getting higher and higher, not only requiring cheapness but also requiring pollution-free and beautiful appearance. So is there such a filling material that can meet people's needs? The answer is yes: yes. This filling material is now relatively new Packaging Air Bags. The main material of Packaging Air Bags is polyethylene, which is a completely non-degradable material, but it is non-toxic and harmless and can be recycled. Compared with other packaging materials, it is a more environmentally friendly material.


Packaging Air Bags are divided into 5 main types:

1. Air Pillow Film
The material of Air Pillow Film is generally LLDPE or HDPE. It is processed into a film roll product with a machine and can be filled with express parcels after being inflated with an Air Pillow machine. The appearance is clean and tidy, and the anti-vibration effect is first-class. It is a filling product widely used in the market.

Air Pillow Film for cushioning

2. Air Bubble Bag
We always meet air bubble bags often. When you receive the express, the plastic bag wrapped with small bubbles is an air bubble bag. An air bubble bag generally consists of two layers, and the products that need to be protected are placed in the packaging. Air bubble bags are divided into kraft paper bubble bags, ordinary bubble bags, and anti-static bubble bags. The bubble bag has the characteristics of shockproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and is widely used in the packaging and transportation of small products.

air bubble bags for cushioning

3. Inflatable bags.
The outer bag of Inflatable bags is composed of high-strength kraft paper, PP woven bag, and PE film. The inflation port of Inflatable bags is a special one-way valve, which can effectively prevent gas leakage after inflation. Due to their relatively high toughness, Inflatable bags are generally used for container freight, which can effectively avoid cargo damage caused by road shaking and bumps.

4. Gourd film
The gourd film is made of imported low-pressure polyethylene, with high quality and low price. Compared with air bubble bags, gourd film has larger bubbles and can be used for packaging such as tearing, bedding, and winding. It can be completely wrapped in 360 degrees without dead ends, which can protect the transported products from damage to the greatest extent, because each bubble strip exists independently, even if one of them is broken, it will not affect the overall protective effect. It also has many advantages such as heat insulation, moisture resistance, compression resistance, shock absorption, etc., and has gradually become the first choice for e-commerce merchants to mail products.

5. Air Column Bag
Air column bag, also known as cushion air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column, bubble bag, etc., is mainly composed of nylon co-extruded film and air valve film. To be precise, nylon co-extruded film is made of nylon material and polyethylene material in a certain proportion. Common air column bags on the market are generally made of five-layer or seven-layer co-extruded film. The more co-extruded film layers, the easier it is to control the overall thickness uniformity, and the air column bag is not prone to air leakage due to a thinner area. The reverse air check valve membrane plays a key role in the air column bag. First of all, air can only enter but not exit, thus sealing the air, which is the basis for the cushioning and seismic performance of the air column bag. The air column bag wraps the product with a cylindrical airbag to prevent damage from external pressure. Mainly used to protect red wine and other products.

Air column bag for wine bottle packaging

With the development of society and the progress of the times, we can see many different types of packaging materials, and people's living standards are constantly improving. Whether it is online shopping or personal mailing items, you must choose the most suitable express filling and packaging materials, so as to ensure that the items are not damaged during the long journey.

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