How much do you know about the quality of air column bags?

2021-08-26 16:17:51

Air column bag, also known as cushion air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, cylindrical inflatable bag, etc., is a new type of packaging material filled with air in the 21st century. It is a viral packaging material.


Ten advantages of air column bags:

1. Beautiful appearance: transparent appearance, close to the product, and exquisite design, which can increase the value of the product and enhance the corporate image;
2. Green and environmental protection: the seventh type of material that meets resource recovery, recyclable;
3. Waterproof and moisture-proof: plastic material, moisture-proof and waterproof;
4. Good airtightness: the average air leakage rate within six months is below 10%;
5. Good cushioning and anti-seismic effect: the composition of the air column bag is PE+nylon, which is sturdy and durable and has good airtightness; the air column is used to support the product for suspension protection, disperse and absorb the external pressure, and the rupture of one air column does not affect other air columns;
6. A wide range of applications: suitable for luggage, handbags, liquid products, electronic products, circuit boards, medicine, books, cosmetics, precision instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, glass products, hardware products, milk powder cans, furniture, fruits, Vulnerable items such as flowers;
7. Save mold costs: it can be customized according to the product size, no need to open the mold twice, and the molds can be compatible with each other;
8. Save inventory space: the air column bag is light, thin, and flat before inflating. Compared with other packaging materials such as foam, paper pulp, and pearl cotton, it saves more than 90% of the storage space;
9. Reduce transportation costs: it can replace traditional packaging materials, reduce the volume of the outer box by more than 10%, and increase the number of containers;
10. Easy operation and labor-saving: flexible cutting, inflatable, no need to seal, one-time molding, simple packaging, significantly improving work efficiency; using an automatic inflator (air column roll) can fill 80 bags in 1 minute, high efficiency, To save workforce and improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise;
XUANWANG has designed a variety of different models and specifications of air column bags for various industries. No matter which industry you are in, you can find a suitable packaging solution.

air column bags

How to distinguish the pros and cons of cushion air column bags?

As an "important role" in commodity circulation, packaging must meet and serve packaged commodities' requirements for cushioning and shock resistance. Nowadays, as air cushioning packaging becomes more and more popular, the quality of inflatable packaging bags produced on the market varies. Discern the pros and cons of high-quality cushion air column bags from the following four aspects.
1. Raw materials
The primary raw material of a high-quality air column bag is mainly high-quality PE+PA (nylon) film, a polyethylene material. High nylon content and good flexibility. The raw materials used are safe, non-toxic, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. The bubble film is smooth and refined, and the surface printability is good. The gas packaging bag has passed the ISO 140001 standard and complies with the ROHS specification;
The materials of inferior air column bags usually use recycled materials, the color is yellow, dull, rough, or the quality standard is lowered. Nylon content is low, and it bursts when you squeeze it hard with your hands.
2. Performance

Performance advantages of high-quality air column bags

①. Good heat sealing performance: the air column bag is sealed tightly, and it is not easy to leak under the action of pressure.
②. Good airtightness: the average air leakage rate within six months is 10%.
③. Excellent barrier performance: The bubble film has a strong barrier effect on gas, liquid, and other permeates.
④. Excellent penetration resistance: it is not easy to produce the phenomenon that the built-in objects pierce the bag, causing unnecessary wear and even scrapping of the product.
⑤. Excellent high-temperature resistance: 65° high-temperature resistance under normal inflation pressure.
⑥. Good toughness.
⑦. Good cushioning and shockproof effect.
On the contrary, the performance of the inferior air column bag is the opposite.
⑧. Company strength
A large part of the pros and cons of the air column bag depends on the company's production equipment and technical strength, which is also of the considerable reference value.

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