How to Choose to Buy an Air Column Machine?

2022-01-11 16:14:49

What Should I Pay Attention to when Choosing an Air Column Machine?

As air column bubble wrap is gradually known and recognized by customers, there are more and more air column bag factories, so it is difficult for customers to choose which air column bag factory to choose!

1. Regardless of the manufacturer's size, the products produced must meet qualified standards! If the manufacturer is shoddy, it will cause the customer's goods to be lost heavily during transportation.

There are many brands of Air column machines with different qualities. If you want to maintain your products well, you must choose high-quality ones. When the air column bag was first presented, the single-layer thickness was 75C, and the nylon content was 20% as the standard (of course, the higher the number, the better the protection effect), but the current air column bag factory has lowered the film to reduce costs and expand benefits. Material thickness and nylon content. It is conceivable that if two batches of packaging protect the same product, the product using the inferior air column bag must be damaged first. Therefore, when choosing a product, we must look for the quality!

2. Choose a reliable and high-commitment air column bag factory for cooperation. Many customers reported that the quality of some manufacturers' first batch of air column bag factories was not bad. Still, after several collaborations, they made manipulations on the quality and quantity, which made many customers have to give up their cooperation with them! Therefore, the commitment of the air column bag factory and the emotions of the customers are also very important!

Air Column Machine

Air Column Machine Inflation Standard and Precautions

Normally, the standard air pressure for air column packing is 0.06-0.08Mpa (megapascals). If the customer follows that standard air pressure to inflate the air column bag, the well-inflated air column bag is not so easy to explode, and the gas is in the air column. The inside of the bag is extensible, and the cushioning safety protection effect is the best.

In fact, in the inflation work, if the pressure regulating valve cannot accurately control the inflation standard air pressure at 0.06MPA~0.08MPA (megapascal), it is also possible to control the standard air pressure for air column bag inflation at 0.1MPA.

1. Although the over-inflated air column bag seldom explodes due to its excessive standard air pressure and excessive air supply during the transportation process, the over-inflated air column bag is very unsafe. It is very easy to explode when hit and so on.
2. The standard air pressure is too large, causing the air column bag to be directly charged and explode;
3. Although it has not been fully charged, for the time being, it is now obviously over-inflated or even bulged. It is very likely that the air column bag will explode from the over-inflated and bulged location in the following time period;

Therefore, the standard air pressure is not as large as possible, and a suitable standard air pressure value must be selected to ensure its excellent characteristics.


The Composition of the Air Column Bag

The Air column bag is the best performing part of the packaging airbag. As long as the air is injected into the air column, the resulting air column becomes vital support to protect the product. It is mainly composed of air valve film and nylon co-extruded film.

1. Air valve membrane:
The reverse air check valve membrane plays a key role in the air column bag product. First, the gas can only enter and cannot be exhausted, and then the air is sealed, which is why the air column bag has to cushion and shock-resistant functions; no sealing operation is required after ventilation, making it easier and faster for customers to inflate the air column bag.

2. Nylon co-extruded film:
Aside from the differences in composition, it is only necessary to compare the five-layer and seven-layer co-extruded films. The seven-layer co-extruded film has multiple layers, and the overall thickness uniformity of the co-extruded film is easier to control so that the air column bag is not easy to cause explosion or leakage due to its thinness. The uniformity of each layer of the seven-layer coextruded film makes the entire coextruded film more uniform.


Application Fields of Air Column Bag

In recent years, the e-commerce and express delivery industries have developed rapidly, and more and more people choose to buy cosmetics online. The cosmetics industry has always packaged its products with crystal or glass raw materials, so the requirements for the transportation and packaging of products are also very high. High, because these cosmetics are of high value and the raw materials are easily broken, so in recent years, the cosmetic industry has also begun to popularize cosmetic air column packing because this cosmetic air column bubble wrap can be large or small and can be customized according to different requirements, which is convenient To meet the packaging requirements, it can ensure that the space in the packaging is not wasted.

The air column bubble wrap produced by the Air column machine is a new type of packaging material, which is currently the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging material and is also the first choice to replace traditional packaging materials. It uses an air column to make and form a buffer kit with a 2cm-4cm air column. The air column bag is inflated by 65% ​to form a buffer effect, and the independent air column is connected to form a buffer package.
The air column bag uses natural air to protect the packaged items. The airbag type packaging bag is an inner and outer double-layer bag made of a double-layer material structure. The shape wraps it close to the body, and the item is fixed in the center of the bag body. When the airbag between the inner and outer bags is hit, the item will not be affected in the bag, avoiding damage. Using a professional reverse pressure valve, the gas in the bag will not leak out.


Why Can Air Column Cushion Bags Replace Traditional Cushion Packaging?

The air column cushion bag produced by Air column bag factory is welcomed by enterprises, which starts from the disadvantages of traditional cushion packaging.
1. Traditional buffer packaging takes up space
We all know that foam and pearl cotton is block packaging materials, which occupy a lot of storage space and increase the storage cost of enterprises;
2. Traditional buffer packaging causes serious environmental pollution
The vast majority of traditional buffer packaging materials belong to the category of white pollution products. Under the background of human beings paying more and more attention to environmental pollution problems, they already do not meet the requirements of human beings for low-carbon and environmental protection;
3. Traditional buffer packaging is not resistant to high temperature and humid environment
Traditional buffer packaging materials will have many problems under external environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature or humidity. Therefore, under these objective conditions, the performance cannot be excellent. On the contrary, the air column bag does not have these disadvantages, and under these objective conditions, the performance is not affected!
4. Air column bag makes the packaging more beautiful
The appearance of the Air column bag is beautiful, so it has the effect of enhancing the corporate image.
The air column bag is not inflated during storage; only the thickness of paper takes up little storage space, minimizes the damage rate of items during transportation, and reduces unnecessary losses.


Disadvantages of Air Column Bag.

Air column bags are easily punctured by sharp or angular objects. However, the damage of each air column of the air column bag will not affect the normal use of other air columns, so it will not affect much. And the items are generally shipped inboxes. Under normal circumstances, the air column bag rarely touches sharp objects to avoid damage to the air column bag.

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