Packing Airbags Use Precautions

2022-01-21 14:49:03

As a new type of packaging material, Packing airbags have been widely used in the protection and transportation of various kinds of goods. It has the advantages of anti-shock cushioning and anti-friction performance, which people who have used it have experienced. As a packaging material, it has a good protective performance, but the use of inflatable bag packaging still needs to pay attention to some issues.


Packing Airbags Three Precautions for Use

1. Packing airbags should not be inflated too much.
Perhaps many people think that packing airbags is the use of air to achieve the effect of cushioning protection, so the more inflatable inside the natural, the better. In fact, no, this idea is wrong. After several experiments have shown that when the packing airbags in the inflatable amount of 85%, the cushioning performance is the best, if you continue to inflate, it will increase the pressure inside the airbag, to a certain extent, increasing the pressure on the packing airbags, the phenomenon of rupture is likely to occur when transporting goods.

packing airbags

2. Packing airbags can not be exposed to the sun.
This is a common disadvantage of all brands of inflatable bags because Packing airbags after the sun's exposure, a part of the material will be decomposed by chemical reactions, the inflatable bag colour becomes lighter, it will become more fragile, and can withstand the pressure has become smaller.

3. Packing airbags can not be transported in a strongly alkaline environment.
Although Packing airbags cushioning performance is very good, the application is very wide but can not be transported in the environment of strong alkali, strong alkali PH value of these substances is greater than 7, if leakage occurs during transport, it will instantly decompose, and seriously endanger the normal transport of other goods, therefore, strong acid and strong alkali transport to take special transport channels.

The demand for Cushioning packaging materials is growing year by year, especially air pillow film, Packing airbags and other new cushioning materials, which not only have good cushioning protection performance but also meet the needs of environmental protection.


Packing Airbags' Rapid Development for the Following Reasons.

1. Packing airbags have higher shock absorption and protection performance compared to traditional cushioning materials.
2. The use of fast, that is, the use of inflatable, not inflatable before the roll film diameter of about 20cm, greatly reducing the pressure of the enterprise storage.
3. Express inflatable bag packaging is a light texture, good transparency, green plastic packaging materials.


Packing Airbags Have Seven Advantages

1. The impact on the goods in the process of transport has a good absorption effect.
2. certain products are affected by the impact frequency in addition to the impact frequency; if the product in the case of the same inherent frequency and external vibration frequency, it is very likely to resonate phenomenon if the resulting amplitude keeps increasing to a certain degree, damage may occur. Cushioning packaging materials can effectively absorb external vibration, thus achieving the purpose of protection.
3. Cushioning packaging materials have good elasticity; cushioning packaging materials will be subject to external pressure, a certain deformation, when this external force disappears, can basically return to the original initial form.

What is the Elastic Limit?
The elastic limit refers to the material by the action of external forces to a certain limit; if the external force is removed, the deformation disappears, and the greater the elastic limit, the material is better.
4. Packing airbags have good ductility. Bending and soft.
5. The tensile strength is good; the average 15mm width can withstand the force of 7N, which greatly ensures the integrity of the product.
6. Packing airbags in the case of higher or lower temperatures can also maintain good cushioning performance, the general PE material inflatable bags can withstand 90 ℃ to -40 ℃ temperature or so.
Packing airbags have excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and good anti-static properties, are easy to process moulding, easy to operate, low price, can be recycled, will not cause environmental pollution.


How to Prevent Packing Airbags' Air Leakage?

If the use of inflatable bags in the process of packaging materials, air leakage, will directly affect the actual protection effect, then in the actual use of the process to prevent air leakage phenomenon should do what measures?

1. The use of a special packaging table
Some businesses in the use of inflatable bags when packaging products will have a special packaging table, but this packaging table will be placed on top of many tools, such as steel rulers, scissors, knives, etc. In the inflatable bag inflatable time, if the inflatable bag is accidentally cut by these sharp tools, it will lead to damage to the inflatable bag, which can not continue to use.

2. Be careful of sharp objects scratched
When the inflatable bag is filled with gas to the item for packaging or filling the gap, pay attention to the outer box has no sharp edges, especially in the use of inflatable bags to fill the bag and other products, to ensure that the hardware inside can not directly touch the inflatable bag to avoid scratching.

3. Keep the operating platform clean
Some businesses do not have a special workbench when packaging products, generally on the ground to complete the packaging work directly, so when they get the inflatable bag, but also directly on the ground for inflatable operation. As there are a lot of sand or other particles on the ground that we can hardly find with the naked eye, when the inflatable bag is placed on the ground, it is likely that the inflatable bag is worn out because of these small particles. Or to the surface of the inflatable bag caused by some small trachoma, resulting in chronic air leakage of inflatable bags.

So that the inflatable bag-type packaging materials prevent air leakage, you need to pay more attention to some of the details in this regard so as to ensure that such products play the maximum effect.


How Long Can the Inflatable Bag Be Used After Inflation?

It can be used for six months to a year. Inflatable bag cushioning packaging material is generally PE material, PE material for polyethylene, generally divided into high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, etc. Polyethylene material is odourless and non-toxic, has excellent low-temperature resistance and chemical stability, with good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. Insoluble in ordinary solvents at room temperature, small water absorption, good electrical insulation.

Packing airbags made of this material product transparent, soft to the touch, beautiful appearance, relatively good quality. Normal use within six months to a year is no problem.

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