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Air Bubble Bag

Approximate price:$3.25.00/per kg


Air Bubble Bag is an innovative solution for everyday packing needs, combining the benefits of air cushion film and EPE bubble bag. Utilizing an HDPE formula that guarantees strong pressure resistance, it can be inflated on demand - saving precious storage space and decreasing transportation costs compared to traditional transport methods. Additionally, its unique tear line design boosts packaging efficiency even further, allowing you to save money conveniently in your shipping process! Xuan Wang Air Bubble Bag is the perfect way to reduce packaging costs without sacrificing quality or convenience. Try it today!

Deliver, Shipping, And Serving: Choose Air Bubble Bag for your packaging needs, and you'll be in good hands! Our delivery time is reliably fast, typically arriving within 10-15 days. Whether shipped by air or sea, we guarantee a speedy response to address any issue - 24 hours max!

Product Description


Air Bubble Bag is a revolutionary packaging solution that offers incredible convenience, cost savings, and storage benefits. Its features include an HDPE formula for strong pressure resistance, inflation-on-demand capabilities, and a unique tear line design for enhanced packaging efficiency. This innovative product is ideal for businesses saving money on transportation costs and increasing their productivity.


Air Bubble Bag combines the benefits of air cushion film with an EPE bubble bag in one convenient package. It offers several distinct advantages over traditional transport methods:

• The HDPE formula provides superior pressure resistance and allows the bag to be inflated on demand – saving precious storage space while cutting down on shipping costs.
• Its unique tear line design boosts packaging efficiency even further – making it easier to pack items quickly and securely.
• The bag is lightweight yet durable enough to protect products during shipment without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.
• In addition to its versatility in size and shape, Air Bubble Bag is also recyclable, reducing packaging waste materials.


Air Bubble Bag can be used for various applications such as fragile item packing, box fillers, cushioning material for shipping containers, postal envelopes, and storage protection for long-term usage. It suits various industries, such as retail stores, e-commerce businesses, logistics companies, furniture companies, and more! Moreover, this product can also be used for domestic purposes like packing clothes during travel or protecting fragile objects when moving house!


Product SeriesAir Bubble Bag
Meters/Roll200m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)18um or Customized
Package2 Rolls/Ctn
Bubble TypeMiddle Bubble (2.75cm diameter)


Q1: What materials are used in Air Bubble Bag?

A1: Air Bubble Bag utilizes an HDPE formula that guarantees strong pressure resistance while being lightweight and durable. Additionally, it is recyclable, which contributes to reducing packaging waste materials.

Q2: How does Air Bubble Bag help reduce transportation costs?

A2: By inflating on demand, it saves precious storage space compared to traditional transport methods, enabling businesses to save money when transporting goods across distances.

Q3: What are some uses for Air Bubble Bag?

A3: It can be used for various applications, such as packing fragile items during shipments or filling gaps inside boxes or containers – thereby providing additional protection against shock damage during transit. It is also suitable for domestic uses like packing clothes when traveling or protecting fragile objects when moving house!

Q4: How do I inflate my Air Bubble Bag?

A4: It can be inflated using a hand pump which helps you adjust the air necessary depending on your needs; alternatively, you could use electric pumps if you want faster inflation results!

Q5: Is Air Bubble Bag recyclable?

A5: Yes – it is made from recyclable materials, so it can contribute towards reducing packaging waste materials when disposed of responsibly!

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