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Air Column Roll

Approximate price:$3.68.00/per kg


Air Column Roll is an innovative packaging material with unparalleled flexibility and cost-saving benefits. Compatible with a wide range of product sizes, it can be easily inflated by an air column machine without creating damaging tear lines or environmental pollution.

Deliver, Shipping, And Serving: When you order our Air Column Roll, we promise a swift delivery time of 10-15 days – whether it’s via air or sea transportation. In the doubtful case of any issue with your package, rest assured that our team will respond within 24 hours to provide assistance and resolution.

Product Description


Air Column Roll is an eco-friendly, cost-effective packaging solution that offers greater flexibility and protection for various products. It is lightweight, easy to inflate, and provides superior cushioning to keep products safe during transport. With its many benefits, It can be used for various applications in both commercial and residential settings.

Air Column Roll


When inflated with an air column machine, it is a lightweight cushion around the transported item. This helps ensure that items arrive in the same condition as when shipped out. Additionally, the material can be adjusted to fit any size item without damaging tear lines or creating environmental pollutants. This makes it a great environmentally friendly option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


It can be used for various applications, such as shipping fragile items like electronic devices or delicate food items like pastries or produce. It also works well for protective packaging on furniture and other more oversized items that need extra padding during transit. Additionally, it is perfect for delivering multiple packages in one shipment since it can easily be separated into individual pieces with minimal damage caused to the product inside.


Product SeriesAir Column Roll
MaterialPE/PA Co-extrusion Film
Roll Width30cm width
Paper Inner Core3 inches
M/Roll200m/roll or customized
Column Diameter30mm
Mainly UsagePackaging fragile goods, valuables
Material FeaturesShockproof, Waterproof, Recyclable


1) How does Air Column Roll protect items?

Answer: When inflated by an air column machine, Air Column Roll forms a lightweight cushion around the shipped item that helps absorb impacts and keep products safe during transit.

2) What types of products can I use for Air Column Roll-on?

Answer: It is compatible with a wide range of product sizes so that you can use it simultaneously on small electronics and large furniture or multiple packages!

3) Does Air Column Roll create damaging tear lines?

Answer: No! The material is designed to be adjustable and inflatable without causing any damage to the product or surrounding environment.

4) Is this type of packaging sustainable?

Answer: Yes! Air Column Roll offers superior protection during transit and helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint due to its lack of environmental pollutants or tear lines from other traditional packing materials.

5) Is there any assembly required?

Answer: No! All you need is an air column machine to inflate your package, making this packaging straightforward!

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