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Air Cushion Bag Machine

Approximate price:$395.00/per unit


The Xuan Wang Air Cushion Bag Machine XWpack-Q15 is an advanced auto air column inflation machine that offers the ideal solution to labor costs and broken bags. With a faster speed, stabilized air pressure, and improved efficiency compared to manual techniques, this machine is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable bagging experience without compromising quality. Operating from 15cm-100 cm packing materials such as U or L-type bags, the Xuan Wang Air Cushion Bag Machine XWpack-Q15 is your go-to for a high-quality bagging experience.

Deliver, Shipping, And Serving: Our Air Cushion Bag Machine XWpack-Q15 is shipped with customer convenience in mind. Delivery typically occurs between 7 and 10 days, depending on the order details; shipping can be done through air or sea transport. Rest assured that any issues will receive a response within 24 hours!

Product Description


Air cushion bag machines pack items and products to protect them from damage during shipping and storage. They can fill air cushions into different bags, including U-type and L-type bags. With the help of an advanced auto air column inflation machine like XWpack-Q15, businesses can reduce labor costs and eliminate broken bags, improving efficiency compared to manual techniques.


The XWpack-Q15 offers speedy operation with stabilized air pressure and improved efficiency. It is designed to accommodate a range of packing materials, including U-type or L-type bags measuring 15cm to 100cm in size. Its innovative design makes it highly user-friendly, with adjustable height and speed control settings to ensure you get the perfect fit every time without compromising quality! Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around and transport if necessary.

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Air cushion bag machines are primarily used by businesses that need to pack items for shipment or storage. Examples may include electronics manufacturers, retail stores selling clothing or furniture, art galleries shipping artwork, and any other business sending goods via courier services. The XWpack-Q15 is perfect for these applications as it offers high-speed operation with adjustable settings so you can tailor your packaging needs precisely every time!


Working Speed15m/min(Max)
Air Channel Size(mm)19-20mm
Material axis diameter762mm( 3inches )
Air Column film width (mm)150mm-1000mm width
Usage TypeColumn Roll,L /U bag roll
Package Dimension(mm)750mm*380mm*400mm(L*W*H)
Noteneed connect Air Compressor
WarrantyOne Year

product details



1) What type of bags can be used?

The XWpack-Q15 is designed to accommodate U or L-type bags that measure 15 cm – 100 cm in size.

2) How fast is the machine?

The speed of the machine can be adjusted for optimal operation according to your specific needs.

3) Is the machine easy to use?

Yes! The XWpack-Q15 has an intuitive design making it very user-friendly with adjustable height and speed control settings, so you’ll have no problems getting it up and running quickly.

4) What are some common applications for this type of machine?

Air cushion bag machines are commonly used by businesses that package items for shipment or storage, such as electronics manufacturers, retail stores, art galleries, etc.

5) Does the machine require any maintenance?

Yes – regular maintenance checks are recommended to keep the machine functioning optimally.

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