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Air Cushion Packaging Machine

Approximate price:$470.00/per unit


The Xuan Wang Air Cushion Packaging Machine is a high-quality, multifunctional packaging machine perfect for use in various settings. This machine is lightweight and easy to operate, making it perfect for home or business use. It features a stable performance in both 110V/220V voltage, ensuring long-term usage; its motor upgrade provides superior torque and 4000-5000 hours of service life! The Xuan Wang Air Cushion Packaging Machine offers fuller inflation, tighter sealing, and lower noise levels than comparable machines - delivering unparalleled convenience and quality without sacrificing affordability. Order your Xuan Wang Air Cushion Packaging Machine today!

Deliver, Shipping, And Serving: Enjoy a swift delivery experience with our Air Cushion Packaging Machine XWpack001. Depending on your order details, you can expect to receive it within 3-5 days via air or sea transportation. Should any issues arise during the process, we guarantee an answer in less than one day!

Product Description


The air cushion machine XWpack001 is a multifunctional, lightweight packaging device offering superior performance and convenience. Its motor upgrade and tighter sealing capabilities make it an ideal choice for long-term usage. Whether you’re looking to pack various items or need a reliable machine for continuous use, the XWpack001 is your perfect solution.

Download the Product User Manual

Product User Manual

Product User Manual

Product User Manual


The XWpack001 boasts several features that set it apart from other products in the same price range. It provides stable 110V/220V voltage performance with full inflation, tight seals, and low noise levels. Its motor upgrade ensures superior torque, giving you up to 4,000-5,000 hours of service life. Its beautiful appearance adds more charm to your packing process.


The air cushion packaging machine XWpack001 is mainly used for special packages such as medical equipment, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other fragile items which require extra protection during transportation and handling. It can also be used for general packaging applications like boxes, envelopes, bags, and other items that require secure packaging solutions. With its lightweight design and powerful motor upgrade, the XWpack001 is the ultimate choice when you need reliable packing solutions with superior performance.


Working Speed18m/min(Max)
Material axis diameter50.8mm
Air Channel Size(mm)18-20mm
Air Cushion film width (mm)150mm-800mm width
WarrantyOne Year


1) What are the benefits of air cushion packaging?

Air cushion packaging helps protect fragile items during transportation or storage by providing shock absorption capabilities through air cushions or foam layers. This allows for safer transporting of delicate items while keeping them secure inside their package without fear of damage or breakage due to external forces like vibration or impact during transit or handling.

2) What type of items can be packed with an air cushion machine?

The air cushion packing machine XWpack001 can pack various items like medical equipment, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other fragile goods requiring extra protection during shipment or handling processes. It can also be used for general packaging applications such as boxes, envelopes, bags, and other components requiring secure wrapping solutions.

3) What are the features of XWpack 001?

The XWpack 001 features full inflation capability with tight sealings and low noise levels, making it ideal for long-term usage; its motor upgrade also provides superior torque giving you up to 4000-5000 hours of service life! This powerful yet compact device also offers a beautiful appearance, adding charm to your packing process while simultaneously delivering unparalleled convenience without sacrificing quality!

4) Is there any warranty on the XWpak 001?

Yes! The XWpak 001 comes with a 1-year limited warranty covering parts and labor costs associated with any defects in materials or artistry that may occur during operation within this period from the date of purchase. 5) How much does an Air Cushion Packaging Machine cost?
Air Cushion Packaging Machines vary in price depending on their specific features but generally range between $300 – $1000 depending on brand name and model selection.

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