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Air Pillow Film 200×100

Approximate price:$2.65.00/per kg


Air Pillow Film 200x100 is an excellent packing material that can be used to protect a variety of products. Made from eco-friendly materials, it is reusable and helps to minimize waste disposal costs. It is customized to fit your needs and can be easily incorporated into the production process for leather goods, handbags, luggage, and more. Air Pillow Film 200x100 is a cost-effective and efficient way to package your products!

Deliver, Shipping, And Serving: Air Pillow Film 200x100 can be delivered to you quickly, with most orders arriving within 5-7 days. Plus rest assured our team is always ready - if a situation arises we guarantee quick response times of under 24 hours. Your order will also reach its destination swiftly with transportation by air or sea!

Product Description


Air Pillow Film 200×100 is an innovative packing material that offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for protecting your products. This new product can be customized to fit any need, and it is designed to save both time and money in various production processes throughout the industry. Not only does it provide reliable security for delicate items, but it also helps reduce waste disposal costs compared with traditional filling materials.


Air Pillow Film 200×100 comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet any packaging requirement. It is made from durable, lightweight material that is easy to form around irregular objects. The film also offers great cushioning properties to protect contents from damage or shock during transportation or storage. Additionally, the air pillow package can be easily reclosed, offering greater security for items inside.

Applications: This versatile packing material is perfect for a variety of industries, including leather goods, handbags, luggage manufacturing, and carton closure interiors. It’s also great for securing fragile items such as glassware or electronics during shipping or storage.

Technical Parameter

Product SeriesAir Pillow
Meters/Roll300m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)20um or  Customized
Package4 Rolls/Ctn


1) Is Air Pillow Film 200×100 eco-friendly?

Yes! Air Pillow Film 200×100 is made from recyclable materials that are designed with sustainability in mind. Additionally, its lightweight nature makes it an ideal choice for helping minimize waste disposal costs compared with traditional filling materials.

2) How strong is the material?

The air pillow film can withstand up to 40 kg of pressure before tearing or breaking apart due to its high tensile strength properties.

3) Can I customize the size and shape of the air pillow film?

Absolutely! Air Pillow Film 200×100 comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit your needs perfectly.

4) Is it suitable for long-term storage?

Yes! Its waterproof design makes it well-suited for long-term protection when wrapped tightly against the item being stored away.

5) Can I reuse the air pillow film?

Yes! The air pillow film can be reused multiple times without losing its protective qualities – making it an economical solution over time as well!

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