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Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320

Approximate price:$4.75.00/per kg


Are you looking for a high-quality, earth-friendly air bubble solution? Look no further than Xuan Wang's Biodegradable Air Bubble 400x320. Made of premium biodegradable materials, this product is pressure-, moisture-, and shock-proof – making it perfect for packing or filling needs. Plus, with its lightweight, it can reduce shipping costs by up to 25%. And if that wasn't enough, custom pattern or character printing makes your products look even more stylish and appealing. Best of all, it decomposes under natural environmental conditions within indicative timeframes. So why wait? Order your biodegradable air bubbles today!

Packaging Details: Our Biodegradable Air Bubble 400x320 ships quickly, within 15-20 days, so you can rest assured that your order will arrive without delay. We use reliable transit methods like air or sea shipping to ensure each package reaches its destination on time. Furthermore, should any questions arise about an item, our customer service team is available 24/7 for prompt assistance!

Product Description


Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320 is an excellent packaging and filling solution for any product. Made from the highest-quality biodegradable materials, it is pressure-, moisture-, shock-proof, and lighter than traditional products. Offering up to 25% cost savings, it’s also customizable by adding a stylish pattern or character print to the product label. Best of all, it is fully decomposable under natural environmental conditions within indicative timeframes.


• Pressure-resistant
• Moisture-resistant
• Shock-proof
• Lightweight (25% cost savings)
• Customizable with stylish prints
• Fully decomposable in natural environment conditions


Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320 can be used to package and fill any number of products safely and securely. It’s perfect for shipping fragile items such as electronics, glassware, collectibles, antiques, etc. Its light weight makes it economical for large shipments requiring multiple boxes or pallets. Its customizability options, such as pattern printing or character printing, are a great way to add a unique touch to your product labels – always staying true to its environmental commitment of being fully biodegradable.


Product SeriesAir Bubble
Meters/Roll300m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)30um
Paper Inner Core2 inches or Customized
Air Channel20mm or Customized
Expiration6 months
Degradation12 months
Package1 Roll/Ctn


Q1: Is Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320 safe?

A1: Yes! This product is pressure-, moisture-, shock-proof and lightweight; what’s more, it is crafted from the highest quality biodegradable materials that are completely safe for the environment when disposed of correctly.

Q2: Does Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320 offer customization options?

A2: Absolutely! You can add a stylish pattern or character print to your product labels – giving each item a unique flair while remaining true to its commitment to being biodegradable within natural environment conditions.

Q3: How much does a Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320 cost?

A3: The cost varies depending on the size and quantity you order. Generally speaking, this product offers up to 25% cost savings compared with traditional products due to its lightweight design.

Q4: How long does it take for Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320 to decompose?

A4: Decomposition times can vary depending on local environmental conditions, but this product will decompose within indicative timeframes provided during purchase/order.

Q5: What types of products can be packaged/filled with Biodegradable Air Bubble 400×320?

A5: This versatile packaging and filling solution can secure fragile items such as electronics, glassware, collectibles, antiques, etc., making them ready for transportation anywhere around the world safely and securely.

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