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Small Bubble Wrap Film Roll 40cm in Width

Approximate price:$2.65.00/per kg


Small Bubble Wrap film rolls are the latest innovation in transport and shipping! These rolls, measuring 40 cm in width with a bubble diameter of only 2 cm, reduce the amount of wasted space and save you money. Made from HDPE-sourced material, these film rolls provide enhanced protection against tear lines and compression resistance. Xuan Wang is your one-stop shop for all your transport needs!

Deliver, Shipping, And Serving: As you plan and prepare for your order of a Small Bubble Wrap film roll 40cm in width, rest assured that it'll arrive at its destination within a time frame ranging from 7-10 days. Shipping is available by air or sea transportation with our guarantee of responding to any potential issues within 24 hours.

Product Description


Small Bubble Wrap film rolls are revolutionizing how we pack and ship items. At 40cm width with a bubble diameter of only 2 cm, these innovative small bubble wraps offer more efficient space utilization, enhanced protection, and increased compression resistance – all from HDPE-sourced material. Unsurprisingly, this alternative to conventional packaging is quickly becoming popular for safely delivering delicate items.

Small Bubble Wrap Film Roll 40cm in Width


The Small Bubble Wraps film roll at 40cm width offers several key features that make it ideal for secure shipping. Its 15um thickness ensures maximum protection against tear lines, thus providing confidence for your shipping needs. Additionally, its HDPE material provides increased compression resistance so fragile items can be safely packaged. Furthermore, the 2 cm bubble diameter allows greater space utilization without compromising quality or safety.

Small Bubble Wrap Film Roll 40cm in Width


Due to their exceptional qualities, Small Bubble Wrap film rolls have found application in various industries ranging from electronics to cosmetics and even food. Its protective and compressible qualities make it an excellent choice for packing and shipping fragile items such as medical equipment or parts, mobile phones or laptops, perfumes, cosmetic bottles, etcetera, where utmost care should be taken while handling them. It is also suitable for sending food parcels as it helps retain their freshness during transportation.


Product SeriesAir Bubble
Meters/Roll500m/roll or Customized
Single Thickness(um)15 um or Customized
Package2 Rolls/Ctn
Bubble TypeSmall Bubble (2cm diameter)


Q1: What is the size of a Small Bubble Wrap Film roll?

A1: The Small Bubble Wrap Film roll has a width of 40cm and a bubble diameter of 2 cm.

Q2: Is a Small Bubble Wrap Film roll durable?

A2: Yes! As the film roll is made from HDPE material with 15um thickness, it offers enhanced protection against tear lines and increased compression resistance – giving you peace of mind when securing your precious items during shipment.

Q3: What are some applications for the Small Bubble Wrap Film rolls?

A3: The applications include electronics, cosmetics, and the food industry, where delicate items must be packed securely during transportation. It also helps retain freshness when sending out food parcels as well.

Q4: Is there any other benefit of using Small Bubble Wrap Film rolls?

A4: Besides providing maximum security for your shipments through efficient space utilization at an affordable rate, this alternative packaging option also significantly reduces costs associated with conventional packing methods!

Q5: Can I recycle my used small bubble wrap film roll?

A5: Yes! One great advantage of using small bubble wrap film rolls is that they are made from recyclable HDPE materials, making them an eco-friendly packaging option too!

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