The Correct Packaging Method of Air Bubble Film

2021-11-18 13:54:14

What is the Use of Air Bubble Film?

The primary purpose of Air bubble film is to play the role of packaging protection. It is a cushioning packaging material. When packaging the product, use Air bubble film to wrap the product and do an excellent job of cushioning packaging protection, which can effectively reduce the impact of the product during transportation. The effect of impact can protect the product well.

Air bubble film is used to wrap various products and be used as a cushion in the packaging box to resist impact. The function is to isolate the effect that needs protection from the packaging container to prevent the product from being bumped or damaged during transportation or handling. Etc.; or used to fill the gaps in the packaging container to keep the product in a frozen state in the packaging container, avoid excessive shaking of the product during transportation, and ensure the safe ride of the product and reach the destination safely.


Air Bubble Film Packaging Method

1. For products with prominent edges and corners, it is necessary to use cardboard or the like to separate the product from the air bubble film to prevent it from being scratched by the edges and corners and losing protection.
2. Use air bubble film to fill the gaps in the box to fix the product and prevent excessive shaking.
3. Use air bubble film to wrap the product.
4. Spread air bubble film around the inside of the box for buffer protection.
Different types of products have different packaging methods for air bubble film. It is recommended that the bubble of the air bubble film face outwards in contact with the flat surface of the box, and the smooth surface inside contacts the mailing object.

air bubble film

Air Bubble Film Packaging Precautions

1. Multi-layer packaging and multiple protection
For most commodities, using only one layer of guarantee may not be enough. Under normal circumstances, if the product itself does not have external packaging, plastic bags or air bubble film should be used as the packaging material that directly contacts the product, and the external packaging should be added after wrapping with newspaper, cloth, or kraft paper.
If the product itself is packaged in plastic bags or carton materials, additional packaging must be added. In this way, the goods received by the customer are still intact after the outer packaging is opened. When some customers send books or mailing albums, because the goods themselves are very thin, and in order to save trouble, they don't think too much about the consequences, so it is not advisable to put the goods in express bags. After the express bag is supported by books and other goods, it will be handled many times during transportation or delivery. When the customer gets it, the outer packaging bag is likely to be damaged, and the goods in it will inevitably be damaged.

2. The space in the box should be minimized
If you use a carton as the outer packaging, you need to pay attention to the filling of the gap between the carton and the product. Because in the transportation process, if the goods collide back and forth in the carton, it is also likely to be damaged. The large gaps can be filled by kneading the newspaper into a ball, and the small ones can be filled with a sponge. In the process of transportation, even if the outer packaging is damaged, as long as these cushions are used to fix the product, the product itself will not be damaged by the collision of the hard object. Pay attention to the above two points when using air bubble film packaging, which can effectively prevent the goods from being damaged during transportation.


How to Choose Air Bubble Film?

As a new type of packaging material, air bubble film is loved by the majority of customers. We see a lot of air bubble film in our daily lives. It can not only be used for packaging, but it can also play a role in shock resistance and product protection, and the cost is very high. Low, but the quality of air bubble film produced by different manufacturers is different. You need to pay attention when purchasing air bubble film.

Buying ar bubble film is not the more expensive, the better. You need to choose according to your own needs, as long as its performance can meet the needs of your packaging products. Generally, the bubble film is divided into models and sizes, and you need to choose according to the item when you buy it. Choose the appropriate model for the size of the item. For small items, choose a small air bubble film, and for larger items, choose a larger size.

The color of the air bubble film is also a bit particular. If it is a finished product made of brand new materials, the color will be brighter. The red or blue air bubble film is produced with antistatic agents and pigments. You can choose according to your own The need to choose.


What is the Difference Between Air Bubble Film and Bubble Bag?

The bubble bag is a packaging bag made of air bubble film and other materials. It is a transparent packaging material commonly used at present and has a wide range of uses.
There are a lot of small bubbles in Air bubble film, which is light and flexible and has the functions of sound insulation, shock resistance, and scratch resistance. In the production process, we must also pay attention to the choice of materials and try to choose some materials that can withstand high temperatures. , There is a better guarantee for the safety of product packaging.

Air bubble film is composed of air and film. The material itself is elastic and has shock and pressure resistance. It is widely used in the packaging of electronic products, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, and other industries.

In terms of shock resistance, traditional packaging mainly uses shockproof paper materials or shockproof foam materials. Paper packaging materials have high requirements on industrial equipment. They have poor pressure resistance and poor water resistance. The disadvantage of paper packaging materials is that they are easily affected by moisture. , It will cause certain damage to the packaged products. The bubble bag will not have such a problem.

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