The purpose and development direction of Air Cushion Film

2021-09-16 16:52:41

What are the functions of Air Cushion Film?

Air Cushion Film is made of polyethylene (PE), a widely used transparent flexible packaging shockproof material. The principle is that the film contains air, forming bubbles, preventing product collisions, ensuring that the product has a protective effect when vibrating, and has a heat preservation effect, suitable for different product packaging in various industries. Because the middle layer of Air Cushion Film is full of air, it is light, flexible, soundproof, shockproof, abrasion-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, and has excellent compression resistance.

air cushion film for logistics

Which industries are Air Cushion Film mainly used for?

Air Cushion Film is widely used in electronics, ceramics, instrument crafts, bicycles, kitchens, furniture, household appliances, hardware tools, glass products, and precision instruments to prevent vibration, squeezing, and friction during transmission. , It has a specific protective effect on items that are afraid of packing. In addition, by adding different additives to the raw materials, various exceptional Air Cushion Films, such as anti-static air-cushion film, can also be manufactured. Anti-static air cushion film is used for electronic packaging components, such as integrated circuit boards, not only anti-static but also buffer and shockproof.


What role does Air Cushion Film play in the logistics industry?

In addition to being a courier bag, Air Cushion Film is also a packaging product made of unique materials and production processes. As we all know, some of the items we buy online are often packed in multiple layers during transportation to ensure that they will not be damaged. If damaged, the courier company will bear the compensation for the item. Air Cushion Film is widely used, not limited to packaging and protection. For example, if you buy some valuables, which are also fragile, it is convenient and quick to pack and use. Its mass is very light. There are many air components in the packaging bag, without any weight, and it is easy to carry. Significantly when the product is impacted or externally squeezed, the air bubbles can dramatically protect the product from packing damage.

Fragile packaging bags

Varieties of degradable Air Cushion Film

The quality development direction of degradable Air Cushion Film will revolve around high corrosion resistance, high formability, high strength and high hardness, heat resistance, and other laws. This kind of degradable air cushion film is divided into two types: one is called the degradable air-cushion film, the corrosion resistance of this kind of degradable air cushion film is equivalent to that of titanium, and the other type is a degradable bubble bag with high cleanliness.


What are the classifications of Air Cushion Film?

1. According to different materials, Air Cushion Film bubble bags are divided into three categories: ordinary bubble bags, anti-static bubble bags, and static conductive bubble bags;
2. According to different bubble bag structures, it is divided into exposed bubble bags, kraft paper bubble bags, and other material bubble bags.


How to distinguish the pros and cons of Air Cushion Film?

From the enterprise's point of view, it can be distinguished by actual thickness, burning, and even professional inspection reports.
For individual buyers, these methods lack operability. I recommend the following ways:
1. Check the appearance. Air Cushion Film generally uses high-quality PE material, with a smooth surface, transparent color, and transparency. If the color is dim, it is likely to be adulterated with recycled materials.
2. Check the feel. The high-quality Air Cushion Film feels smooth and has no graininess. Air Cushion Film, which is produced by using garbage recycling film, has a fine graininess when it is touched by hand because of its variable material composition.
3. Check the workmanship. High-quality cushioning Air Cushion Film is often meticulous in workmanship and beautiful in appearance. On the contrary, if it is a low-quality Air Cushion Film, the workmanship is often poor, and there are usually problems such as rough textures, bottom seal alignment, and even severe problems such as insufficient pressure leading to fast leakage and slow air leakage.

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