Which is better, air column bag or bubble film?

2021-08-26 16:41:39

Among inflatable packaging products, air column bags and bubble films are the most used. These two inflatable products are used in e-commerce packaging. Since these two inflatable products are so popular, air column bags are better than bubble film?


Choice of air column bag and bubble film

The air column bag is a bag shape made of the air column shape roll material. The conventional bag types include Q-shaped bags, L-shaped bags, U-shaped bags, etc. These bag types can be based on the shape of the product to be packaged and the needs. The degree of protection can be selected or customized. The advantage of using an air column bag as a cushioning packaging material is that it is more convenient to pack. Directly inflate the bag and put the product in the bag to complete the buffer packaging process. There are two types of air column bags when they leave the factory. They are determined according to the inflation method required by the customer. If it is manually inflated, we will send a single air column bag; if the machine automatically raises it, we will send an air column bag—coil material.

air column bag
bubble film

The bubble film generally refers to the inflatable bubble film. Compared with the traditional bubble film, its bubble is more significant, and the material is more challenging! The inflatable bubble film is usually a roll when it leaves the factory, and there will be a dotted line at every interval. This is to facilitate the customer to tear it off by hand after confirming the dosage. There are two types of inflatable bubble films, one is a bubble film with a valve, and the other is a bubble film without a valve. The former can be inflated manually or by a machine, while the latter needs to be increased with a particular sealing machine. Bubble film can not only be used as a packaging material but also can be used to fill gaps. Compared with air column bags, it can be used more widely!
From the above, it can be found that if you want to get a better cushioning effect and exquisite packaging, the air column bag is definitely the best choice; if you're going to pack different products, then the more random bubble film will be more suitable!


How to achieve batch inflation of air column bags?

How can we achieve mass inflation of air column bags without wasting time and saving the workforce? The answer is to use a column bag inflator!
Xuanwang air column bag inflator can automatically inflate air column rolls with valves, air column bags (except Q bags), and gourd rolls, making the inflation process faster and easier, saving a lot of labor and time costs for enterprise packaging!


The seven main features of the air column bag inflator:

1. Air column bag, bubble bag, roll material, gasket, or bag type, all can realize automatic machine inflation.
2. Multiple film locking shafts are fixed to prevent the film material from deviation effectively.
3. When the machine is running, the air pressure and speed can be adjusted at will, making the charging process more convenient.
4. Fast inflation speed, can inflate 20 meters per minute.
5. Fully automatic inflation process, without manual operation, saving labor costs.
6. Strong compatibility can be applied to inflatable packaging materials with valves of different widths, thicknesses, and bag types.
7. The performance is stable, the inflation process is tranquil, and no noise is generated.
8. With a safety protection design, it can automatically shut down in case of current overload, eliminating potential safety hazards.

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