Why does Air Column Machine not work?

2021-09-22 11:37:48

Some users reported to the customer service that the air column machine was not working shortly after purchasing the device, which confused us. If the air column machine is used correctly, it generally has a long service life. It is impossible to have problems in such a short period. . After a careful inquiry by our customer service, we learned that to speed up production, the customer adjusted the rate to 25 meters per minute, and the machine kept running without any maintenance.


Three operation precautions of Air Column Machine

After understanding the situation, we help customers repair and maintain the air column machine according to the half-year maintenance period and inform customers of relevant operating precautions.

1. Do not let the machine work continuously for a long time. Although the machine is fully automatic, long-term continuous work is likely to cause wear of the parts. The device must be maintained within a certain period to ensure a longer service life of the inflator.

2. Although the air column machine can adjust the inflation speed according to the customer's needs, we recommend that the general inflation speed be controlled at about 19 to 20 meters per minute. If the rate is too fast, the air column bag may be blown like a balloon, causing unnecessary waste and causing significant losses to the machine.

3. After long-term use, the blade of the air column bag inflator will become blunt. If you find that the air column bag cannot be inflated typically, please replace the blade in time.

Therefore, as long as the customer uses the air column bag according to the correct operation method and can follow the precautions in use and maintenance, you can give full play to the maximum effect of the air column bag and make your packaging products more worry-free and time-saving!


Five correct steps to use air column machine.

Many people are very careful when facing this small film for fear of accidentally inflating it. In fact, this PA material air column bag has strong tensile resistance and will not be easily broken like a balloon, but there are certain steps and precautions when inflating, mainly the following 5 points.

1. Before inflating the air column bag, find out the inflation port.
Many air cylinder bags with traditional ink-printed valves are easy to stick together, so it takes a lot of time to find. Xuanwang uses the latest ink-free printing valves, and the air inlet opens naturally, so you only need to get the air column. Bag, it is easy to find the inflation port.

2. Extend the inflation gun into the inflation port of the air column bag while pinching the position of the inflation gun and the air inlet with your hands to prevent air leakage.

3. Turn on the inflation switch and start to inflate the air column bag. If you use a manual inflator, you can directly inflate the air column bag).
Traditional air column bags with ink valves are prone to the uneven air intake. Workers are required to rub the air inlets of each air column at the same time when inflating; Xuanwang's air column bags do not need to be rubbed when inflating. The air intake is rapid and even.

4. When the air column bag is relatively full, you can pull out the inflation gun. The characteristic of the air column bag is to automatically lock the air when inflated, so there is no need to worry about air leakage.

5. After the air column bag is inflated and formed, put the product into the bag to complete the packaging.
It is worth noting that:
1. When inflating, make sure to pinch the air inlet tightly.
2. The air column inflation pressure is guaranteed to be 0.06~0.08MP (within 1 kg)
In fact, as long as you master the correct air column bag inflation prevention method and buy a good air column bag at the same time, the inflation step is a very easy and time-saving task for everyone.


Two recommended air column machines

The air column bag machine XWpack-Q10 is a small air column bag inflator that is compact, easy to install, and easy to use. With a maximum speed of 10 meters per minute, it is suitable for small production facilities, warehouses, and shops.

Project features and applications

The XWpack-Q10 is an ingenious air column inflator that effectively saves labor and prevents bag damage caused by erratic air and extreme air volumes, effectively reducing the rate of damage to items. It is suitable for packaging products from 15cm-100cm, such as air column bags, U-shaped airbags, L-shaped airbags, etc.

Two recommended air column machines

The XWpack-Q020 air column filling machine is a multi-functional air column machine that is fast, effective, and stable. It combines the advantages of many inflators on the market and is the right choice for you.

Project features and applications

The XWpack-Q020 is an industrial-grade air blowing unit with a traditional and simple look, offering multiple uses: helping air column bags, milk powder bags; it is equipped with an upgraded electric motor and imported power supply, offering the advantages of low sound and long life, ideal for different production facilities storage facilities and shops.

Item information

1. Fast blowing, up to 20m/min.

2. Easy set-up, saving time and effort.

3. High efficiency and safety, reducing failure rates.

4. Suitable for air column rolls, L/U bag rolls.

5. Must be equipped with an air compressor to use.

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