Why is Air Pillow Film a Requirement in Contemporary Culture?

2021-10-29 16:45:54

With the constant enhancement of social efficiency and product wealth, people's product requirements are continuously altering.


What is Air pillow film?

Air pillow film is an ecologically pleasant product packaging product that's commonly utilized in the product packaging market. The primary functioning concept of this product packaging product is to use the film to develop different forms of bubble pills to prevent the items from being harmed by effects and safeguard the items from several outside elements triggered by transport and dealing with.

Air pillow film is a product packaging product with nicely organized and consistent air bubbles in the center of the two-layer film. Since the air bubbles in between the two-layer films have the qualities of excellent resonance resistance and resonance power absorption, Air pillow film is a type of high-performance supporting product packaging product, which can change a lot of foam plastics, paper scraps, timber chips, cloths, and various other products. It's utilized for product packaging boxes, barrels, and frameworks of different commodities. It's a supporting product packaging for digital and electric items—the product of option.


The Qualities of Air Pillow Film Are:

(1). The product packaging is easy, particularly for the packaging of small digital items such as radios and walkmans. You have to cover the minor commodities and place them in the carton for sale;
(2). It's simple to dismantle to choose products and can be re-wrapped manually;
(3). Great buffering performance;
(4). A wide variety of items can be packaged. Along with digital and electric things, it can likewise be utilized for product packaging delicate ceramic items, glass items, tools, and different functions of art;
(5). Practical manufacturing and little devices investment;
(6). Air pillow film can be reused and recycled in purchase to tidy the atmosphere.

For instance, people residing in The u.s.a. might desire some Chinese porcelain, people in Iceland might want some exotic fruits; simply put, people's requirements are continuously producing riches and worth. Nevertheless, different items are frequently harmed in transport because of one or another mishap, so the products utilized to safeguard items are becoming increasingly more plentiful, amongst which blow-up supporting and dental filling product packaging products is just one of the more traditional logistics supporting and security products. Air pillow film is just one of the affordable and safety functions that are more popular. Air pillow film is just one of the items with a unique set you back efficiency and security work.


Does Supporting Air Pillow Film Have a Type of Advancement Potential Customers?

With the advancement of the economic climate, online buying has long gone into countless homes. There's an expanding pattern for much far better and much far better security of items in the transport procedure of different things is an essential factor, so the marketplace need for the air-cushion film is likewise expanding. After executing the plastic restriction purchase, air support film is a traditional green product packaging product in China's product packaging market. Nowadays, this item is commonly utilized in different needs, particularly in digital items, red, white a glass of wine transport, and fruit transport, where it plays a progressively essential function.

Air pillow film

What Are the Benefits of Air Pillow Film over Various Other Supporting Product Packaging Products?

Air pillow film has a wide variety of uses and can safeguard and transfer items in practically every market. The air support film likewise has high strength, and at the exact same time, it has lots of outstanding residential or commercial homes such as anti-pressure, stun absorption, anti-collision, and anti-wear.
People that have shopped online understand that it takes a very long time to transfer products from purchase to invoice. Additionally, the roadway is frequently rough, so the items are susceptible to accident and extrusion, so we need to select an air bubble support to safeguard the items, which can decrease the effect of resonance in the roadway to prevent damages to the products.
Air pillow film as a pillow filler product packaging items can be reused, green and pollution-free, safe to the body, from raw product purchase, item develop to the manufacturing procedure up till the post-consumer product packaging reusing of all elements of the concept of green health and wellness. Although in the future, new power and environmental management can be stated to be the dawn advancement market, Air pillow film sticks to the advancement idea of green and ecological protection; it can be stated that the potential advancement customers are really positive. And as people's living requirements remain enhanced, people pay more focus on ecological problems and health issues, and Air pillow film is an ideal option.


Troubles and Troubleshooting Methods in The Production of Air Pillow Film

FaultcauseMethod of exclusion
1. The heat bonding is not strong, and the two layers are easy to separate(1) The heating temperature of the flat film is low before lamination;
(2). The resin grade with too high slip agent content is used;
(3). There is no pressure or insufficient pressure on the laminating roller, and there is actually no pressure contact;
(4). The production speed is too fast, and when passing the bow heater, the time is too short and the heating is insufficient.
(1). Increase the heating temperature of the bow heater;
(2). Change the grade of raw material;
(3). Increase the pressure of the pressing roller, but not too much pressure, so as to avoid pressing out the air in the cells and causing the air cushion bubbles to collapse;
(4). Reduce the vehicle speed.
2. Air Pillow Film bubbles collapse(1) The pressure of the pressing roller is too large;
(2) The thickness of the bubble is too thin.
(1). Reduce the pressure of the pressing roller;
(2). Increase the thickness of the bubble film.
3. The surface of Air Pillow Film is not smooth and uneven(1.). When extruding the blown film, the temperature of the die is too high, and the fluid flow speed is too fast, forming an unstable fluid;
(2). The raw material M1 is too large, and the melt flow rate is too fast;
(3). The screw speed of the extruder is too fast.
(1.). Reduce the temperature of the die to make the melt flow at an appropriate speed and form a smooth flow;
(2). Reduce the melt index of the raw material particles;
(3). Reduce the screw speed.
4. Air Pillow Film has low heat-seal strength and poor heat-sealability when heat-sealing bags(1) The temperature is too high when extruding blown film or extruding salivation;
(2). When the film is blown or salivated, the contact time with the air under high temperature is too long, and the oxidation is serious;
(3). The content of anti-blocking agent and slipping agent in the raw material particles is too high.
(1). Appropriately reduce the temperature of the die;
(2). The blown film or the salivation film should be cooled quickly to prevent the contact time with the air at high temperature for too long;
(3). Change the brand particles with less anti-blocking agent and slip agent content.
5. Air Pillow Film tensile strength, poor pinhole resistance(1) The film thickness is too thin;
(2). The M1 of the raw material particles is too high, the relative molecular mass is too low, and the strength is low.
(1). Increase the thickness of the blown film;
(2). Change the material with low M1.
6. Air Pillow Film has poor transparency(1) The plasticizing temperature is too low;
(2) There are many opaque additives in plastic particles;
(3). The cooling rate is too slow, the crystallinity is improved, and the crystal grains are large.
(1). Increase the temperature of the extruder;
(2) To reduce the content of additives, nucleating agents can be appropriately added to improve transparency;
(3). Increase the cooling rate and reduce the crystallinity.

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