Why Use Packaging Air Bags?

2021-11-05 09:36:40

Damaged or deteriorated products will lose their original value and cause irreversible economic losses. The development of packaging has changed this situation. Products are effectively protected after packaging to avoid all kinds of damage that may be suffered in the circulation environment.


Why is Packaging Air Bags More Attention?

There are many types of products, and the forms of damage are also different. This is because the state of damage is determined by the product's characteristics and the circulation environment. Therefore, to be able to protect other products, various forms of protective packaging are required. Protective packaging is generally divided into six categories according to product characteristics and the possible circulation environment:
1.Cushion packaging
2.Rust-proof packaging
3.Mildew-proof packaging
4.Fruit and vegetable preservation packaging
5.Hazardous chemical packaging
6.Pharmaceutical packaging

Among these packaging categories, people are most concerned about Packaging air bags. The reason is:
1. Packaging airbags involve the most extensive products, including almost all the products we can see;
2. As long as the product needs to be transported from the factory to the consumer, it will suffer damage caused by vibration and impact. Therefore, this form of damage is the most common, and the economic loss caused is also the most serious.

Products are often subjected to working conditions such as falling and rough loading and unloading during the circulation process. Under these conditions, the product will be subjected to a short but intense impact. The principle of damage is that the dynamic load on the product exceeds its brittle value. In addition, the vibration of the product caused by the vehicle during the transportation is also unavoidable.

Packaging airbags are usually adding cushioning pads and outer packaging boxes to the outside of the product. Its function is to reduce the vibration of the product and alleviate the impact on the development. Cushioning liner usually refers to various cushioning materials, each of which has different characteristics and different degrees of adaptation to the product. Choosing the appropriate cushioning material for the development and carrying out the optimal cushioning packaging design is an essential goal. , And to achieve this goal, it should be able to accurately characterize the cushioning properties of the material.


Why Are Air Column Bags Used More?

There are many types of cushioning packaging materials. Among them, air cushioning packaging materials use the compressibility and viscosity of air to absorb and dissipate energy. They have the characteristics of lightweight, good environmental protection, and excellent cushioning performance. At present, they have been more and more widely used. It is used in the field of logistics, transportation, and packaging. As a typical air cushion packaging material, Air column bag has a variety of structural forms and rich application scenarios. Because of this, there is currently no unified production and application standard for air cushions. Packaging designers are using them to carry out products. The design of the cushioning package is also based on experience to select the air column specifications and the amount of inflation.


air column bags for wine bottle packaging


What Are the Different Types of Packaging Air Bags?

Because of its compressibility, the air is used as a cushioning package to protect products. At present, cushioning structures made with air cushioning performance on the market are in the form of Air pillow film, Air column bag, Air cushion film, Air bubble bag, etc.

1. Air bubble bag is a transparent flexible packaging material, which can be divided into single-sided bubble bags and double-sided bubble bags according to bubble distribution. According to the diameter of the bubbles, they can be divided into small bubbles, medium bubbles, and large bubbles. It is often used for cushioning and anti-friction packaging of light and small electronic component products, hardware tool products, etc.

2. Air pillow film is a continuous but independent structure composed of multiple air chambers. The volume of a single air chamber is relatively large. After being inflated, it is generally used to fill the gap between the packaging box and the inner product and fix the product position.

3. The Air Bag Packing Bag-in-bag Shape has an inner and outer double-layer film structure. When using, put the product into the inner bag and then inflate it. After inflation, the product will be completely wrapped by the inner bag and fixed in the airbag. The space between the bag and the outer bag is filled with gas to form an airbag, which protects the product in the inner bag when it is impacted—commonly used in cushioning packaging of fruits and beauty products.

4. The structure of air cushion film and air pillow film are very similar. The difference is that each air chamber has a small volume, and the shape of the air chamber can be flexibly changed. The common ones are gourd shape and column shape. In addition to the universal roll form, the liner can be flexibly designed to meet the cushioning packaging needs of different types of products.


Features of Packaging Air Bags

1. Green and environmental protection. Traditional foam plastic cushioning materials are bulky, poor in environmental protection, and in most cases cannot be recycled, so packaging waste brings great harm to the environment. In contrast, materials such as airbags for packing that use air buffers have good environmental performance. First of all, the amount of raw materials used is small, and after one use, if the structure is not damaged, it can be recycled multiple times, meeting environmental protection requirements.

2. Reliable quality. The plastic film used in the airbags for packing produced on the market is a composite film of various materials, and the film itself has stable performance. In addition, the production process of the airliner is excellent, and the heat-seal strength between each layer of the film can fully meet the requirements of use. Therefore, the quality of airbags for packing is reliable, and the carrying stability is very good.

3. Wide range of applications. With the prosperous development of the e-commerce and express delivery industry, more and more products use air column bags for cushion packaging, such as green plants, light, and small daily necessities, red wine, ceramic glass containers, and so on. In addition, air column bags can also be seen in the fields of instrumentation, home appliances, and electronic products.

4. Low overall cost. For products, it is hoped that the lower the packaging cost, the better. As a cushioning material, airbags for packing have a low production cost. Secondly, it is stacked or transported and stored in the form of coils before being inflated after production. The low transportation and storage costs are also one of the reasons why it is popular with customers.

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